Seven Months In A Sentence

How To Use Seven Months In A Sentence?

  • Cotton requires for its development from six to seven months of favourable weather.
  • It was now four years and seven months since there had been a wedding in the village.
  • During seven months he watched in vain for an opportunity of executing his commission.
  • Also, an account of his being confined four years and seven months in a close dungeon.
  • Then with what are they sustained, during their seven months' upbringing on the mother's back?
  • I lived seven months among them without tasting a mouthful of bread, or even craving it.
  • For seven months, without any material nourishment, they expend strength in moving.
  • I find them at the age of seven months the same as when I saw them at their birth.
  • Oliver says I spoil her to death, but how can a baby of seven months be spoiled.
  • The seventeenth eruption commenced on the 2d September 1845, and continued for seven months.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Seven Months | Seven Months Sentence

  • She had been away seven months.
  • We have been engaged in war for seven months.
  • I had been there two years and seven months.
  • My first child being born in seven months.
  • He was emperor one year and seven months.
  • At this time he was only eight years and seven months old.
  • Here, for seven months, we have had no rain.
  • Seven months had taught Roscoe a quiet of his own.
  • Within seven months he took Marstrand.
  • Seven months have I borne it patiently and that is enough.
  • Seven months they had been wed, and it was May again.
  • Kapor did seven months there, but never got his MBA.
  • Seven months.
  • Seven months ago!
  • Within seven months the book had reached its fourth edition.
  • I cannot now recall having seen a vicious horse in seven months.
  • And they have been wanting you now for fully seven months, remember.
  • As a matter of fact, we have been married only seven months.
  • At the age of seven months her infant died, happily for her and for me.
  • But at the end of six or seven months a new order of events began.
  • The workers are supposed by him, to live six or seven months.
  • The tours lasted three months at least, seven months at most.
  • One died in seven months; the other still lives in good health.
  • It is wuss than a seven months' turn ov the fever and agy.
  • He had travelled over 2,400 miles of country, and was seven months in the bush.
  • As it was, it held out, during its second siege, for seven months.
  • She went to Graefenberg and was perfectly cured in seven months.
  • After seven months she gave birth and they called the boy Asbinan.
  • The first seven days of January indicate the first seven months of the year.
  • And the ark of the Lord was in the country of the Philistines seven months.
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