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  • Nance was in a seventh heaven.
  • And it is now the seventh since your union.
  • The seventh and eighth theories are undeserving of notice.
  • Over seventh column, middle division.
  • Over seventh column, lower division.
  • A sixth, a seventh stone, were placed.
  • This lasted until the night of the seventh of April.
  • On the seventh of May there was not much fighting.
  • Over seventh column, lower division, Plate 71.
  • Over seventh column, lower division, Plate 72.
  • Over seventh column, middle division, Plate 71.
  • Over seventh column, middle division, Plate 72.
  • Men and women should be stoned to death for laboring on the seventh day.
  • He is honest; he is temperate; he has never broken the seventh commandment.
  • On the evening of the seventh day, however, the fox appeared.
  • For the seventh time Chook threw heads, and was twelve pounds to the good.
  • Obeid-Allah derived his pedigree from Ismail, the seventh imam.
  • I suppose this was the seventh Earl of Shrewsbury (1553-1616).
  • Louis IX. of France led the seventh crusade, another failure, in 1248.
  • Trouble is he's seventh of his family in succession to serve in India.
  • E. B. Burwell, 323 Seventh Ave., Seattle. OREGON.
  • The seventh ends the mournful line, Poor STEPHEN with his fractured spine.

How To Use Seventh In A Sentence?

  • And the seventh dwarf slept with the others, one hour with each, and so got through the night.
  • The seventh is an epigram mildly twitting Varius for his insistence upon pure diction.
  • He, however, rested his men until the seventh of September before renewing hostilities.
  • For a time Louise Wentworth was in the seventh heaven of ecstasy over her good fortune.
  • Boyce was impressed with his seventh generation great uncle Gavin, called Jessuum.
  • Charles the Seventh stood before his people, their King, in fact as well as in name.
  • He walked off toward Seventh Avenue, his head down, keeping close to the houses.
  • The resolution was adopted by the House of Representatives the seventh day of March, 1867.
  • Near the end of the seventh century we hear of another Bishop of London, called Erkenwald.
  • It was on the seventh of August, 1833, that this bill was adopted by the House of Commons.
  • The seventh century B.C. was a period of rapid development and of great prosperity in Greece.
  • The third and seventh are also generally accepted as early experiments in the more realistic forms of amoebean pastoral.
  • Patricia was in the seventh heaven of delight at the prospect of actually taking tea with the noted singer and her intimate friends.
  • In the seventh place, we benefit both parties by deciding quickly, as a loss is better than a law-suit.
  • Imagine, then, the general surprise when, on the seventh day, Ablano returned as mysteriously as he had vanished.
  • If thou buy a Hebrew servant, six years shall he serve: and in the seventh he shall go out free for nothing.
  • And if that damsel had been lifted at that instant by the hair into the infinite glory of the seventh sphere, her countenance could not have manifested more amazement.

Definition of Seventh

The ordinal form of the number seven. | The person or thing in the seventh position. | One of seven equal parts of a whole.
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