Several Months In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Several Months | Several Months Sentence

  • Several months passed by.
  • It will keep several months.
  • I had not seen him for several months.
  • Beulah had now been a mother several months.
  • I proceeded for several months.
  • These executions continued for several months.
  • This opportunity was not offered for several months.
  • Thus several months passed away.
  • Sometimes he was several months together absent.
  • In this way passed several months.
  • Kentucky remained neutral for several months.
  • It was several months after his son was born.
  • I may be gone for several months.
  • This process requires several months.
  • But this is dipping into the future by several months.
  • I did not leave for my post for several months.
  • She answered and they corresponded for several months.
  • For several months negotiations had been pending.
  • This painful situation continued for several months.
  • The island remained blockaded for several months.
  • No great scandal had occurred for several months.
  • He was ordered several months of complete rest.
  • There was also for several months a dearth of detectives.
  • Strongitharm went mad several months ago.
  • Several months had passed since this slight incident.
  • Several months in prison....
  • Several months passed by, and no further letter reached me.
  • This so-called fault took several months to correct.
  • Several months were spent in Damietta.
  • He was interned for several months in Italy.
  • I did not see Roosevelt again for several months.
  • He had been living a Christian life for several months.
  • Several weeks, several months, perhaps!...
  • For several months I had been seeing Grasse every day.
  • Indeed yes, I spent several months in Sydney.

How To Use Several Months In A Sentence?

  • But, three years ago, I spent several months in Berlin.
  • For several months?
  • Sam's been here several months.
  • Several months ago we motored down into this part of the country.
  • This idea worked on him as a suggestion for several months.
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