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  • Then with mock severity he frowned.
  • Every severity is intended for benefit.
  • His sentence was carried out in all its severity in 1560.
  • Symptoms vary according to the severity of the attack.
  • The severity of this storm became a matter of history.
  • Winter of 1879, severity and hardships of.
  • The very severity of the weather appeals to nature lovers.
  • But I cannot endure severity from you.
  • Consider the severity of my disappointment, he says. . .
  • A grave severity is in his face, And credit in his words.
  • Dunwoodie again ran his eyes over the severity of her costume.
  • I trust the critics will not treat me with severity for it.
  • The very severity of his struggle was perhaps in his favour.
  • She surveyed her with a severity that ought to have appalled.
  • Winter set in with severity soon after they penetrated the mountains.
  • His temperance and severity of manners were his chief praise.
  • This severity was more than the licentious capital would endure.
  • To see her in her marvellous severity was to strike him dumb.
  • Toward the end of the second he had shown the severity of the strain.
  • The severity of his religion did not impair the amiability of his character.
  • It spoils the effect of severity that suits your face so well.
  • His face became triply armed with severity for the encounter.
  • The severity of this last creed fitted the crucifixion of his spirit.
  • It casts off the severity and much of the restraint of its earlier character.
  • We may gather the gravity of his error from the severity of the rebuke.
  • There is a sternness and severity in the public mind lately aroused.
  • This depends upon the severity of the symptoms and how long they have lasted.
  • The school even surpassed his home in the severity of its discipline.
  • The severity of these laws caused a revulsion of public sentiment.
  • Also let the severity of the beating be tempered with kindness and discretion.
  • The severity melted from his features while he took his place beside her.
  • The severity of the man's expression yielded a little.
  • No length of march and no severity of service could curb his spirits.

How To Use Severity In A Sentence?

  • They were already shaken by the severity of their reception and of their losses.
  • Why the very vicissitudes of a continental climate are more trying than any severity in our own.
  • The conspirators were treated with the utmost severity and were tortured and killed.
  • The reader will have formed his own estimate of the magnitude and severity of the fight.
  • His severity to those who held back when their country required them was inexorable.
  • The severity of the cold in this country must also contribute to the same inconvenience.
  • Its distinguishing marks are extreme severity and entire seclusion from the world.

Definition of Severity

The state of being severe. | The degree of something undesirable; badness or seriousness.
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