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  • There is not a shade of difference between them.
  • Light and shade belong only to pictorial art.
  • There was an unusual shade of trouble in his face.
  • A shade of irritation crossed his features.
  • This seems to remove every shade of difficulty.
  • Beyond that shade we never saw to the day of his death.
  • But we have not yet got rid of every shade of difficulty.
  • It is the shade to her abounding and sparkling passages of light.
  • We find the complement of this in the third shade of green opposite.
  • The lowly shrubs and trees that shade the plain Delight not all.
  • He released Renouard's arm and stepped out of the shade opening his parasol.

How To Use Shade In A Sentence?

  • Renouard went away to some distance from the house and threw himself down in the shade of a tree.
  • With every ship that disappeared over the brim of the world went some shade of her inmost being.
  • He stared straight before him, but missed no single shade of her face or voice.
  • It was like nothing he had expected, and yet he could not name the shade of difference.
  • The shade was drawn down, and he raised it, to find that the window faced on a dead-wall.
  • Not far away stood a little brown house in the cool shade of cherry trees and apple trees.
  • In the shade of the apple-tree again She saw a rider draw his rein.
  • His face, as he stooped low, escaped the soft shade and was for a moment almost ghastly.
  • She did not paint, and her complexion (a shade too high by day) was perfection by candlelight.
  • We walked into the shade of the Harbour Office and leaned our elbows on the parapet of the quay.
  • Inside, he locked the door and lowered the shade of the single window which looked out on an areaway.
  • When a colour is placed on a gold ground, it should be outlined with a darker shade of its own colour.
  • And yet he is anything but quarrelsome or contrary, even when a shade over the line of strict sobriety.
  • Half a dozen men in that room had the same shade of hair and mustache, and the same ordinary blue eyes.
  • There were no flower-crowned men and maidens, no brown babies rolling in the shade of the avocado trees.
  • Gray lay down with his back to him, under the scanty shade of a hillock, and drew his hat over his eyes.
  • Thus, we might have a shade or a tint of citrine spreading over a large surface as a ground on which we wished to place a figure.
  • And she was willing with a servility that would have offended my American notions had it been a shade less useful.
  • Through the little open door we could see the hills and mountains, on which light and shade constantly changed with the passing clouds.
  • The king, surrounded by half a dozen chiefs, lay on mats under the shade of the avocados in the palace compound.
  • If we want the complement of the second shade of orange-yellow, we find it in the second shade of blue-purple opposite, and so on.
  • Val waked from her sombre dream, and looking for the first time with some shade of recognition at her, became aware of the bathing costume.
  • We watched the light and shade that nickered below, the shadow of the clover-leaves, of the long reeds that hung almost across the stream.
  • Let us for a moment consider this table, and suppose that we want to find the complement to some particular colour, as the third shade of red.
  • The Jew looked at her with eyes in which for a moment there hovered a shade of something like pity that quickly turned to pleasure.
  • The chamber had been brushed and swept, but still the fine dust flew, and caught the sunshine on its eddies like another shade of light.
  • No satisfactory effect can be got in light and shade upon any woven or printed fabric; besides, to attempt such a mode of treatment is absurd.
  • He filled it with a fluid of an unfamiliar shade and passed it to Pinkey, who smelled it and declared that he could drink anything that was wet.
  • Her heavy hair, of an unusual shade of pale gold, had the smooth, polished look of metal which had been moulded in waves close to her head.

Definition of Shade

(transitive) To shield from light. | (transitive) To alter slightly. | (intransitive) To vary or approach something slightly, particularly in color.
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