Shady In A Sentence

How To Use Shady In A Sentence?

  • All around the hot court ran a deep, shady portico.
  • The shady little town was a sort of Golgotha now.
  • Everybody had always said that Robert was a shady fellow.
  • They stand aloof Within a shady vale.
  • The treasure at Shady Vale.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Shady | Shady Sentence

  • It is cool and shady here.
  • Though on the shady side.
  • In yonder shady valleys.
  • It was a nice shady place.
  • Grows in shady and moist places.
  • We were in a cool and shady place.
  • People were strolling in the shady grounds.
  • Here is a shady spot for the pursuit of knowledge.
  • This is found in shady places under the trees.
  • On her fair head was a shady hat.
  • They settle down comfortably in some shady spot.
  • Do you walk through the cool shady woods?
  • Dil found a shady place and a vacant seat.
  • No more whispered tales of woe in a shady garden.
  • It is cool, shady and quiet in the extreme.
  • The two lions lay just within its shady precincts.
  • This sentence seemed to pour light into a shady place.
  • We had to get out our shady hats, and we had no coats on.
  • And in many a shady basilica lingers to listen and pray.
  • Foxgloves as tall as a man adorn all dry and shady groves.
  • It was exhilarating, that descent under the shady spruces.
  • As ever silver-tipt the side of shady mountaine.
  • It springs from the root of another large and shady tree.
  • Presently he came to a shady dell, where he stopped.
  • Lo, shady forests to the breezes bend!
  • First, a window box on the shady side of the house.
  • Some other shady swindler who turned up on the boat, eh?
  • Every shady cedar or juniper wooed us to tarry a moment.
  • Silvicolous: living in moist, shady woods.
  • In fact, rather a shady customer himself in his young days.
  • I saw a fair white dwelling, behind shady trees.
  • Now you know Slade is shady with the police.
  • Or with thick boughs what shady Grove?
  • And Amaryllis fills the shady groves.
  • Scott and Paul were just coming up the shady walk.

Definition of Shady

Abounding in shades. | Causing shade. | Overspread with shade; sheltered from the glare of light or sultry heat.
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