Shall In A Sentence

Definition of Shall

(modal, auxiliary verb, defective) Used before a verb to indicate the simple future tense in the first person singular or plural. | Used similarly to indicate determination or obligation in the second and third persons singular or plural. | Used in questions with the first person singular or plural to suggest a possible future action.

How To Use Shall In A Sentence?

  • Who shall say it must be in this or that particular way, or it cannot be at all?
  • I shall not dwell upon it here, but content myself with a few additional remarks.
  • Shall we judge according to some notion which we do not possess, or shall we not judge at all?
  • We assume this position advisedly, and shall proceed to give the reasons on which it is based.
  • This conclusion we shall endeavour methodically to unfold, and to set in a clear light.
  • But at present we do not mean to touch this argument; we shall reserve it for another work.
  • We shall merely remark in passing, that it owes its existence to a false method of philosophizing.
  • Who shall set limits to the modes of knowledge possessed by an infinite, all-comprehending mind?
  • To establish his position, he relies upon two arguments, which we shall proceed to examine.
  • We shall content ourselves with disposing of this objection in the words of Bishop Butler.
  • We shall dismiss it with a single reply, and that we shall give in the language of John Foster.
  • The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this agreement shall not void the remaining provisions.
  • On this subject we shall now proceed to unfold our views in as orderly and perspicuous a manner as possible.
  • We shall not exhaust the patience of the reader by dwelling upon the refutation which may be given of such an argument.
  • But this only by the way; we shall hereafter see how these important lights have been extracted from the chapter in question.
  • We shall never cease to admire the logical dexterity with which the champions of necessity assail and worry their adversaries.
  • We have many objections to this mode of explaining the origin of moral evil, some few of which we shall proceed to state.
  • That we have a better reason for this position than our opponents can produce for theirs, we shall endeavour to show in the ensuing section.
  • We shall give only one illustration of the justness of this remark, although we might produce a hundred.
  • There is no danger, it is true, that we shall ever form too exalted conceptions of the divine majesty.
  • Hence we shall utterly demolish it, that neither a fragment nor a shadow of it may remain to darken and delude the minds of men.
  • Heaven and earth shall sooner pass away, than his mercy shall withdraw from the support of one jot or one tittle of it.
  • Whether I shall feel this appetite or desire, does not depend upon any effort or exertion of my will.
  • All this, as we shall see hereafter, has been most gloriously accomplished by the death and sufferings of Christ.
  • We shall not trace it up to God, as before, but we shall banish all virtue quite out of the world, and exclude it from the universality of things.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Shall | Shall Sentence

  • I shall be able to manage.
  • We shall have no dispute about such truisms as these.
  • I shall not easily forget that day.
  • But we shall let all such fine sayings pass.
  • We shall state only two objections to this view.
  • We shall not stop to pull this scheme to pieces.
  • We shall not here reproduce his inconsistencies and self-contradictions.
  • We shall offer only one remark on this extraordinary hypothesis.
  • Then shall we not instinctively turn to one-sided views of revelation.
  • But we shall give his own words, and permit the reader to judge for himself.
  • We shall endeavour to find the true medium between these two extreme opinions.
  • But, saying that he is willing, shall we concede that he is unable?
  • I dare say I shall find myself working that comparison to death.
  • It is not that you shall not sing at all," she said hurriedly.
  • She whispered to herself, "Some day I shall sing in the light, too.

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