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  • The old man was already shambling off.
  • Once he did hear shambling feet on the very steps outside.
  • Could I depend upon his shambling conscience?
  • But Martin was already shambling toward the window.
  • The little low, shambling figure was transformed into an overwhelming force.
  • The porter, his waistcoat gaping, came shambling over to him.
  • Her entourage followed her, shambling a little, and blank-eyed.
  • At first Charley did not grasp the meaning of the shambling trail.
  • Then he turned and went away, a big, dead-tired, shambling figure.

How To Use Shambling In A Sentence?

  • And when they did move faster than a walk they lurched into a queer, shambling swing.
  • Did you notice an odd-looking, shambling man with preposterous spectacles who spoke to her?
  • Day broke, after that tremendous night, in a somewhat shambling and odd fashion.
  • Then a big, loosely-hung figure came shambling down the ladder, and the second withdrew.
  • Farther on, an Indian bent his bow against a bear shambling across a little sunny glade.
  • An instant afterwards there appeared a little wizened fellow with a cringing manner and a shambling style of walking.
  • Rudolf could hardly help a squeal of surprise at the sight of the yellow lion and the big shambling bear.
  • The shambling party drew closer and he saw that she was constructed with a windowed cabin forward to house pilots and passengers.
  • In the meantime it came shambling along the shore towards us, so we lay down quietly behind the kayaks and waited.
  • As he urged his jaded beast at a shambling trot over the last rise his shadow lay long and black on the rich apricot glow of the slope.
  • Stover, a tall, gangling cattle-man with drooping grizzled mustache, came shambling up to the steps.
  • His gait was a shambling trot that seemed slow, although, in truth, he was covering the ground with extraordinary swiftness.
  • Gone was the hopeless misery, gone were the shambling gait, the pathetic smile, the helplessness of resignation to overwhelming conditions.
  • Presently the heavy, shambling footsteps of an old dog, and the metallic shaking sound of his collar, were heard coming up stairs.
  • Then one lonely and pathetic figure, with bent head and shambling gait, grew smaller down the great white waste of prairie.
  • Unnoticed, an old, shambling negro had approached across the field, and was gazing in wide-eyed dismay at the china vase under her arm.
  • What Nancy saw was a tall, thin, shambling young fellow whose face was pale with an emotion not at all complimentary to herself.
  • A few eyes turned from the adequate figure of Judge Henderson to the loose and shambling form of the man who edged in to the front of the table.
  • Queer, shambling sort of fellow, all hair and eyes, with the scar of an old cut, or something, across one side of his face.
  • The doctor and Jim Dennis were standing on the verandah, and saw him tooling his team along at a shambling gallop.
  • Head lowered, arms dangling to his ankles, he saw Marsh, and understood, and charged him in a shambling rush.
  • Poseidon built a wall, high and fair, around the city; and Apollo tended the shambling kine, and lost not one.
  • He did not know why, but he had a sensation that Fate, loose-limbed, big-boned, furtive, was shambling over the grass towards his guest.
  • A dog came shambling along the path, showed its teeth, snarled, sprang on one side, and, with bristling hair, fled for its life.
  • A sort of shambling powerfulness formed the main suggestion of face and figure, softened strangely by the mysterious expression of the eyes, and by the singular delicacy of the skin.
  • For an hour they rode in silence, their panting steeds maintaining a shambling gait through the sand, that was neither a trot nor a lope, but a mixture of the two.
  • Abruptly, the whole course of their association spread itself before her, up to her last glimpse of him, that morning, shambling on his way to the miserable daily duty to which he had sunk.
  • The Westmann islander had rolled to his legs by this time, and now he came shambling up, with the belt in his hand and his sullen eyes on the ground.

Definition of Shambling

Who walks while dragging or shuffling the feet. | present participle of shamble | An awkward, irregular gait.
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