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  • Did he share his suspicions?
  • But the other did not share his triumph.
  • I seem to share his illness.
  • He would have to share his half with them.
  • Dick did not appear to share his enthusiasm.
  • Nobody appeared to share his view of it.
  • He should not let another share his danger.
  • But his own family did not share his views on the subject.
  • If only he could share his own dark knowledge.
  • The others were content to share his silence.
  • Seventeen adherents offered manfully to share his fate.
  • Not one soul there could share his thoughts.
  • No man has yet discovered how to share his joy.
  • He wanted to share his pleasure with his devoted mother.
  • She could not share his love with even a dumb brute.
  • I, of course, could not share his consternation.
  • But the other bishops of Africa did not share his views.
  • Even Tommy had ceased to share his confidence.
  • Those who imitate their Master often share His reward.
  • I will avenge the Dead, Or share his fate.
  • His wife evidently does not share his own opinion of himself.
  • Pray, O pray, that I may boast, And share his gold.
  • How good it was to speak and share his troubles with another!
  • And to share his observations with others he went from group to group.
  • Just say you admire and share his ambitions for the welfare of the workers.
  • The object of any man who enjoys life is to share his enjoyment with others.
  • We all share his delight, as our discoveries are truly marvellous.
  • Dost not know that to show kindness to a lucky one is to share his fortune?
  • The truth was he felt reluctant to let any one share his secret.
  • He tried in vain to induce her to share his meal with him, but she protested.
  • Lucy is not permitted to share his prison; but she may visit him daily.
  • Since the decisive blow had been struck, the ladies seemed to share his relief.
  • Harry, however, was not disposed to share his grief with anyone.

How To Use Share His In A Sentence?

  • He never for an instant admitted the idea that she could share his sinful affection.
  • He invited me to share his quarters, which were large and luxuriously furnished.
  • Somehow, our hero felt a little hurt that he had to share his friend with others.
  • He invites her to share his pleasures, but he saves her the trouble of sharing his anxieties.
  • Before a man who was willing to share his guilt, he dared acknowledge his crime.
  • In vain he sends commands and entreaties to these dusky ladies to come and share his solitude.
  • But he would share his bread and his rupees, when he had them, with any who asked.
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