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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Share It | Share It Sentence

  • I pretended to share it.
  • If we are to have anything we want you to share it.
  • Those who share it not are flocks and herds.
  • I determined to ask no woman to share it.
  • With you to share it my lot in life will be heaven itself.
  • He then went to invite his friends to share it with him.
  • There's nobody who doesn't share it.
  • Share it fairly, agree together and assist each other.
  • Let us find the ivory, and share it!
  • May I share it with you?
  • It pleased him to share it with Esther.
  • To share it a', to share it a'.
  • I only regret that I had not others to share it with me.
  • And I know that at heart you agree with it and share it.
  • The truth is I share it with several very big dogs.
  • I beg to say, however, I do not share it.
  • You must share it with me, Aunt Fanny.
  • Yet I must remind you again, I share it under compulsion.
  • I do not share it.
  • We share it.
  • He had got such a blessing himself that he wanted them to share it.
  • What was the loveliness of his garden when there was no one to share it with?
  • It distances those who share it, from those who share it not.
  • The best part of our happiness is having someone to share it.
  • And to think you're going to share it all with me!
  • Yet his service is sublime, if only from the character of those who share it.
  • But neither of them desired good-fortune save to share it with the other.
  • You're to share it with me, if you care to.
  • Let us hope she may have brothers and sisters to share it with.
  • She would at any time have been only too glad to share it, leaving her own.
  • If you want them to share it with you, you had better learn to talk nicely.
  • Share it, please," she whispered.
  • Warm and open my heart to share it with cordial, unenvying rejoicing!
  • God has had pity upon me, and has sent you, and made you share it with me.

How To Use Share It In A Sentence?

  • But on the wedding-day this interest reached a point when she had to share it with somebody.
  • Wherefore fly to me: you will either relieve me from all annoyance or will share it.
  • You are to receive the money, and share it with the scoundrel who intends to filch it from me.
  • Intolerance itself is a form of egoism, and to condemn egoism intolerantly is to share it.
  • If you are in trouble, who would so gladly share it with you as your old friend?
  • Clearly she was too far from his state of mind to share it now, or even to understand it.
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