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  • Sandy should have a double share of it.
  • Missouri had always more than her share of it.
  • But then we all have our share of suffering.
  • They did their share of the work.
  • And it has its own share of military folk.
  • His own share of the conversation was insignificant.
  • Neither did he obtain any share of the spoil.
  • Newman had his full share of these illusions.
  • Take upon yourself a share of their labour.
  • I certainly am going to have my share of it.
  • Why should she not have her share of happiness in life?
  • Each of them is bound to hide his share of the booty there.
  • Lub was doing his share of the work like a hero.
  • Scales and arpeggios come in for their share of criticism.
  • Her share of it, at least.
  • They have had their full share of censure and excoriation.
  • I wanted more than the ordinary share of knowledge.
  • Roger had borne his share of the fighting on the walls.
  • Naturally he and his men demanded a share of the booty.
  • You will be afoot a good share of the time.
  • We cannot blame our fellow-men for our share of these.
  • Give all questions their full share of investigation.
  • She made no more than her fair share of mistakes.
  • Canada sought its share of the western trade.
  • And now he was pledged a share of ungathered gold.
  • But he found more than his share of no-thoroughfares.
  • The girl-wife came in for her share of the lionizing.
  • I claim my share of the danger that surrounds us.
  • Thou shalt have thy share of the making of plans.
  • The horses came in for the largest share of a page.
  • The boys had made him do his share of the camp work.
  • She begged hard to take her share of nursing.
  • My share of the grant was $80.
  • Yet food demands a large share of the income.
  • He never knowed we got our share of the money.

How To Use Share Of In A Sentence?

  • When the men fished they got no share of the catch.
  • The water-gauge also comes in for a share of his attention.
  • Yet, let them have their share of more humble praise.
  • What share of the $49,000 did each receive?
  • The girl had come to fill a large share of his thoughts.
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