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  • And was she to share that fate?
  • Some share that night.
  • But the biographer may not share that pleasure.
  • Could he ask any other woman to share that with him?...
  • But the others didn't share that simple faith.
  • It was not fit that a young and growing girl should share that life.
  • I think it my duty to inform you that I do not share that opinion.
  • Certainly, and I share that reputation with a dozen generations of ancestors.
  • Guess we ain't yearnin' to share that glory--none of us.
  • The precise share that Burton [395] had in them will never be known.
  • You will be the only outsider to share that secret."
  • Did she share that first alarm with you?"

How To Use Share That In A Sentence?

  • No need, then, of being "great" to share that aspiration and that presence.
  • But it will only do this if the share that is possessed by each be itself something very great to begin with.
  • I was thinking how much nicer it is when you can share that sort of news with somebody else, somebody you love.
  • Harris, so far, hasn't had a chance to get the equal share that belongs to him by rights.
  • When they see that it is about to open, they fling open their doors, wishing above everything else to share that beauty with their fellows.
  • It was that he walked in the shadow of death, and would so long as Karlov was free; and he could not ask any woman to share that.
  • Marise turned sick with longing to go again, now, to seek out Cousin Hetty and to lie down by her to share that safe and cold and dreamless quiet.
  • It has afforded me opportunity to see and share that development of physical, intellectual, and moral life conditions, which has been perhaps the most marvelous recorded in the history of mankind.
  • His lodge was always open to a stranger, and he was ever ready to share that with him which he might most want, either his furs and blankets for a couch, or his corn and venison for a repast.
  • It was useless for Florent to explain to her that his sister-in-law had offered to pay him his share, that she was taking care of it for him, and that it was he himself who had refused to receive it.
  • He has conceived a hope, which I do not share, that we may possibly quit the province together: he hopes that that may redound greatly to his credit.
  • Jesus endured a great deal more for us, before He entered glory; and unless we follow His steps we can never hope to share that glory with Him.
  • I was not blind to the share that vanity had in her mood nor to ambition's part in it, but I saw also and exulted in her tenderness.
  • The share that Sir Richard Burton had in the translation of the Priapeia has been the subject of dispute; but we are able to state positively that he was the author of the metrical portion.
  • He had faith in the young physician's ability, but not until the older one confirmed his opinion would he allow himself to share that hope with any one else, lest it prove without foundation.
  • She appeared to share that conception, for she carried to the improvised altar in the drawing-room an air of facing far places, divided by boundaries she couldn't possibly define from all that she had ever known.
  • And the startled dryads bent, White and starry-eyed, each from her secret tree, To watch that mystical dance, to share that heavenly swoon That mad, bright banishment. . . .
  • Ambroisine kissed her father once more; and that was all the share that those excellent people consented to accept of the handsome fortune of the girl whom they had made welcome, entertained, and comforted when she was without a home and without food.
  • I mean that it eases off the appalled sense a little to share that sickness with a fellow-victim and be able to say a little of what presses on one.
  • The certificate states that they propose to issue a certain number of shares of stock at a certain price per share, that the capital stock is to be a certain amount, and that the company is to continue to exist for a definite period of time.
  • If there is any merit in Peter's confession of Christ, all other disciples, yea, all who confess Christ as Peter did, share that merit.
  • In the division made between heirs, when a slave belonged to many, the time of his service was divided and each of the masters had the share that belonged to him and was his in such slave; and the division was made by months, or as was convenient among the masters.
  • It is that you will share that fate on which fortune is now frowning; that you will add your own high-couraged heart to that of one who never knew a fear till now; that you will accept my lot in this the day of my reverse, and enable me to turn upon my pursuers and scatter them.
  • No one knew when she stole out of the room, exasperated by the earnest talk and merry laugh that she could not share, that she went to bolt herself into her own room, and sob on the bed, or throw herself on her knees, to pray for help or death.
  • Hence, if a member of the body politic becomes afflicted, in reality, from the standpoint of sympathetic connection, all will share that affliction since this (one afflicted) is a member of the group of members, a part of the whole.
  • The garb of the Filipina women is very seductive; and it is known that the girls, far from being untractable to the cura, consider themselves lucky to attract his attention, and their mother, father, and relatives share that sentiment with them.
  • It was long since he had known the riotous life of cities, but even the peace of his country retreat was broken by discords since all did not share that longing for utter self-abnegation which possessed the soul of Leo Tolstoy, now troubled by remorse.
  • The point of the whole inquiry is this: Does the Government contribute to the cost of the passenger train service upon the railroads of the country its fair share, that is, in proportion to the space and facilities it demands and requires the companies to furnish for the mails?
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