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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Share The | Share The Sentence

  • But a man to share the burden.
  • Had he not forced her to share the responsibility with him?
  • Goemon offered to share the work.
  • I received a share the same as the cavalry.
  • Three of us share the secret now.
  • They would not share the treasure with anyone.
  • I shall share the echo of yours by remembering.
  • I want to share the world with you for all our lives.
  • Rita would not like for any one to share the secret.
  • Do these men share the higher privileges of life?
  • They rode to the house and asked to share the meal.
  • No doubt we shall arrange to share the enterprise together.
  • Tell us the trouble, for we share the pain.
  • We share the crest together here; nothing depends on it.
  • Caradoc, also, seemed to share the madness.
  • The nobility, however, did not share the popular belief.
  • The race would share the doom of the Indians.
  • Either let me share the talk with you, or I am gone.
  • Till Love came To share the load!
  • Heal mine eyes, that I may share the joy of Thy light.
  • Now, in this agony I share the Agony of Jesus.
  • It was something that two of them should live to share the shame.
  • Localities only a short distance apart share the same circle.
  • I'll share the care and need!
  • By reflection he was beginning to share the mental disturbance.
  • By this time the majority of those present share the same view.
  • I longed to share the tempestuousness of his life and thoughts.
  • But the lesson he had learnt was not likely to share the same forgetfulness.
  • You said just now that you would share the dear little mamma with me.
  • Let us share the sufferings of the saints and earn their reward.
  • I felt as pleased as if having a right to share the family happiness.
  • Then she knew that she wanted some one with whom to share the good news.
  • We share the same bereavement, and need each other now more than ever before.
  • Ere long the rest on board might have to share the same fate.
  • Try to make your reader share the bewilderment and excitement you felt.
  • What mood had urged her to share the danger along with the lark?
  • They share the green slopes with me and browse along together.

How To Use Share The In A Sentence?

  • He did no more than let her share the obvious and outer responsibilities of his life.
  • It was very kind indeed of you to wish me to share the pleasure you have had in reading it.
  • It will share the characteristics of the race of people from which come its workers.
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