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  • They did not wish to share their impressions.
  • Will share their bloody grave!
  • May we not diminish by seeking to share their glory.
  • I really think you share their idle superstitions.
  • The Chorus share their horror.
  • The faithful Valentin joins them to share their fate.
  • To be honest, I share their concern.
  • Imbono seemed pleased when he was invited to share their lunch.
  • We share their riches whether they will or not; we do not share their cares.
  • She wants first to steal their earth, and then to share their heaven.
  • To share their holy rest was an honour of which I had proved myself unworthy!
  • No, I will share their repast and sleep here at their bivouac.
  • I must stay with them and share their dangers, but I will not fight.
  • He seemed disposed to be friendly; and Garth invited him to share their meal.
  • There, as elsewhere, the French sought to share their faith with the Indians.

How To Use Share Their In A Sentence?

  • We were glad they enjoyed it, but felt no envious desire to share their labours with them.
  • The wives and daughters of these men share their fate and fortune, living from hand to mouth.
  • They knew the world they lived in, and, for that matter, he could share their indignation.
  • The same duty devolves upon the sons, who, that evening, must share their attentions with all.
  • They were at supper when I entered the room, and they invited me to share their food.
  • But when you come to me there will be young people, and I want you to share their life.
  • Leave faithfull love to teach them how to dye, That they may share their kinsfolkes miserie.
  • Though they do not share their quarters with their neighbors, they have large families of their own.
  • They were fairly bubbling over with high spirits, and it was impossible to be with them and not share their exhilaration.
  • A fluffy person in that hat would have all the students offering to take her for a walk or share their umbrella with her.
  • Even in the poorest houses the peasants deemed it a point of honour to share their food and lodging with the wanderers.
  • The ring is cursed, and no sooner do the giants begin to share their treasure than they fall to disputing about it.
  • Irishmen were willing to absorb the foreigners, to marry with them, and even at times to share their wars.
  • She invited the fugitives to share their meal, and bade her dutiful spouses serve the supposed lamas.
  • It has tried to save the diplomats from shells and bullets; since they remain with the others they must share their fate.
  • If we would keep our best friends, we must go with them in sympathy, and be able to share their thoughts.
  • For fifty days they were detained there, and the fleet was forced to share their idleness, capturing only a few passing merchantmen.
  • As a rule, they have no difficulty finding donors; their projective empathy allows them to share their feeding-pleasure with the donor.
  • The hero's first marriage fails because of his wife's insistence that a woman friend shall share their home.
  • We could ask our neighbors to share their last loaf of bread, but it was a bold, selfish act to ask for water.
  • But for the passage of a few impertinent years, I should have gone without hesitation to share their rice.
  • The Spaniards might be attacked and massacred at any moment, and if so, he would probably share their fate.
  • Secondly, however much men may differ in unessentials, they share their essential nature, their reason, in common.
  • They never ceased to believe that "the Prince" for whom they fought would one day come and share their danger.
  • Thou shalt have thy young friends, Peggy, and shall share their pleasures, but we will have no more of public parade and ostentation.
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