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  • We must share this too.
  • I cannot as yet share this feeling.
  • But we cannot share this lofty view.
  • The women do not share this peculiarity.
  • I propose that you share this task with me.
  • They want to share this great thing with all mankind.
  • Monkeys alone share this gift of gratuitous curiosity.
  • The other, however, did not share this prejudice.
  • Fortunately, I only took a very small share this time.
  • The Free Trader does not share this solicitude.
  • I shall say to the two former that you share this knowledge.
  • Exert thy utmost power that thou mayest share this great bounty.
  • He was so unused to bearing mental burdens, and wanted to share this one.
  • Do you make nothing, then, of such a peril as we share this moment?
  • White soldiers do not, as a rule, share this feeling with colored soldiers.
  • It is a misfortune that so few Americans could share this experience.
  • Admiral de Robeck in his first despatches appeared to share this view.
  • Ace was quite sure I could best Rucker; but I did not share this confidence.
  • Protestants share this view, but put the emphasis in the sentence:

How To Use Share This In A Sentence?

  • When we are very young we long to share this secret little dream-sanctuary with someone else.
  • There are many who do not share this opinion, and hold that the wall of reserve should never be broken.
  • He accordingly set himself the task in one way and another to make his own generation share this conviction.
  • His swarthy followers do not share this opinion, their own pointing to the supernatural, but they will go with him anywhere.
  • White pine, hemlock, and spruce share this country with maples, black and white birches, and beech.
  • It looked as if we were to share this new kingdom or sphere of influence with Germany, until the war came and sorted things out.
  • It is rapidly becoming the only sorrow of my life that people do not all come to share this Life in which I live.
  • One person alone does not appear to share this feeling, for on her approach he disappears with all his suite as fast as possible in the opposite direction.
  • In some plows this is replaced by an upward projection of the share; this is wide at the back and sharp in front and is called the shin of the plow from its resemblance to the shin bone.
  • Many business men share this view; with varying zeal they are trying to work out standards of organization that will insure the kind of regard for general welfare which the public has come to demand.
  • Finally, although his reason commenced to share this state of general stupor, he had the presence of mind to go in his cabin and plunge his head in a basin of ice-cold water.
  • And the three confederates seemed to share this unpleasant apprehension, for they were gray in the face, while Bournef himself appeared to be working very cautiously and suspiciously.
  • Fredrik did not wholly share this fear, and on the 4th of March for the first time addressed the archbishop, commanding him to revoke the passport of the renegades.
  • That this God made men to share this misery--men whose fault was their being what he made them.
  • The United States Government does not share this view of its action, and, therefore, cannot be expected to express its regret for having acted as it has done.
  • Pud and his chums, however, though they pretended to, did not share this opinion, and that there might not be more delay, as soon as Harry sat down and placed his feet on the bracers, the bully started the sled.
  • Mr. Max Mueller seems to share this view when he says that man was led from the worship of semi-tangible objects, which provided him with semi-deities, to that of intangible objects, which gave him deities proper.
  • I forgot to mourn or to feel lonely, though I longed for my father's homecoming that we might share this new found joy.
  • The Howes seemed, to some extent at least, to share this disregard for the out-of-door world, for like Ellen they, too, surrendered themselves to a household upheaval quite as merciless as that of the Websters.
  • Take his arms, man, that one day I may show them to Acour, and let us be going ere we share this poor knight's fate.
  • She would have preferred to share this triumphant hour with--with--well, with someone older and more experienced and better able to understand.
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