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  • You shall have an equal share with me of this.
  • I receive my share with thanks.
  • None to share with me, or rob me?
  • The lid must share with the pot this time.
  • Be reasonable and I will share with you.
  • These things I will share with you.
  • Mabel has a hundred tastes which I do not share with her.
  • Finch: share with me (giving him a couple).
  • But my reason I share with all other rational beings.
  • The treasure that he had to share with his rescuer was his voice.
  • I had forgotten those who must share with me my doubts and dangers.
  • He suspected his brothers of having funds which they refused to share with him.
  • I alone share with the archbishops the dignity of a crozier.
  • But all the love and all the sympathy could not share with him his suffering.
  • Somehow he was to share with the mate and the clerk the command of the boat!
  • But all the love and all the sympathy could not share with him his suffering.
  • It is only the seat of the animal life which we share with the beasts.
  • I 'm quite ready to share with him.
  • Then he remembered his own dream, which he had planned to share with her.
  • Nobody could share with her that warfare which was hard to flesh and blood.
  • He was always ready to help others and to share with them anything that he had.
  • In whatso we share with another's need.
  • His captors share with him cheerfully their rations and their little luxuries.
  • It was selfish of me to wish the little maid to share with me my poverty.
  • He must find some other soul to share with him the burden of this conviction.
  • We ask them to share with us the blessings and honors of this great republic.
  • His brothers used to share with him works of charity and holy offices.
  • I will share with you food, and shelter from the sun and rain.
  • With the instinct in us all he wanted a mate to share with him his golden nest.
  • Her anxiety she could not share with her brother however, and she said no more.
  • How shall I make my reader share with me its wild ghostiness?

How To Use Share With In A Sentence?

  • This was a noble and useful pleasure which she did not intend to share with any one.
  • I will share with you your happiness by witnessing it; but that shall not content me.
  • Nature has done her share with a prodigality that shames our little human narrowness.
  • Assur was not only jealous of other gods, there was no goddess who could share with him his power.
  • So great was his generosity, that whatever was given him he desired to share with another.
  • Whatever followed the operation, whether it were grief or joy, she would share with them.
  • The upper classes, however, were anxious to share with the king the control of the state.
  • Music was one of the things Joan found herself unable to share with her husband.
  • She wanted to go to him, to comfort him, to share with him her own fine, young sanity.
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