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  • I share your feelings.
  • I will not share your sin.
  • Now you each have someone to share your life with.
  • It is very nice of you to share your flowers with her.
  • I share your griefs, and do not groan.
  • I will share your work, whatever it may be.
  • Boys and girls, share your pleasures with others.
  • You cannot live with the bear and share your food with the wolf.
  • But you know we are all your children, and share your distress.
  • The fault is yours, in refusing to share your lights with me.
  • I will share your watch myself, and we will see what happens.
  • You may share your pleasure with them, but your trouble belongs to me.
  • It never occurred to me before that I might share your burdens.
  • And if I am not mistaken," she laughed, "others share your opinion.
  • We did not share your certainty, M. Versal, concerning the arrival of a deluge.
  • And then, then, then, then, and then, then I share your Joys above.
  • You have had your share--your chance.
  • But really, with regard to Mr. Binney, I fully share your feeling, my dear.
  • He said that if you can share your worries with your friends they're finished.
  • I don't share your regret that I have not devoted myself to serious poetry.

How To Use Share Your In A Sentence?

  • I cannot share your room and not feel a certain amount of responsibility with regard to you.
  • It is a wrong to cause them to share your sorrow or misfortune, and so hurt or sadden them.
  • As the time of separation approaches, the whole grove seems to share your anguish.
  • As the time of separation approaches, the whole grove seems to share your anguish.
  • The idea of having to share your husband with another woman, or maybe half a dozen or more!
  • If you have enemies, dear Madame, remember that there are also persons who share your sorrow.
  • I don't want to make you feel badly, dear, but I must admit I don't share your great hopes.
  • Brilliant and fascinating as it must be, do not forget those who long to share your triumph.
  • Day after day since her arrival here she has asked to share your cell, and her request has been granted.
  • Let the quick share your care and attention on equal terms with the dead in the matter of requisite space and accommodation.
  • I will share your flat and your wonderful man; and give you the benefit of my beauty and my intelligent conversation on one condition.
  • It is so pleasant to be held supreme in the one heart, to feel sure that no other woman ever has or can share your influence.
  • Now sit down; begin at the beginning of this black business, and let me try to share your load of trouble.
  • Of course, you can take the risk, though that becomes less advisable if you want to share your work with others.
  • I can see that you are impressed; but it ought to please you to know that I share your feeling of delicacy where she is concerned.
  • The other will, I hope, be spared to stay with you and share your triumphs as he has done your adversity.
  • You are judging a whole class by a few individuals who share your perverted ideas ... individuals who would be immoral in a nunnery....
  • May I not share your knowledge, relieve your cares, and enjoy your confidence, as a sister might do?
  • I am not so desirous of ordering that I wish you to share your charge with me, for my own work, which is not small, is enough for me.
  • Oh! careless, guilty, unhappy old man, that in your own fall must drag down all you love, to share your ruin!
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