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  • Not so the shareholders of a company.
  • Sometimes preference shareholders are given no vote at all.
  • To the shareholders they have proved rather a disappointment.
  • But it's you shareholders who'll be most heavily shot, I'm afraid.

How To Use Shareholders In A Sentence?

  • But the shareholders must consider the difficulties we have had to struggle against.
  • Otherwise it is like a joint-stock company all shareholders and no treasurer or director.
  • These trustees may or may not be shareholders or directors of the several corporations.
  • This fund is the property of the shareholders and is usually invested in good securities.
  • All the shareholders meet together and out of their number choose a certain number of directors.
  • It discouraged many shareholders and made it harder to secure settlers for the colony.
  • On the death of Carrel, the shareholders of the paper assembled together to name a successor.
  • Mount Morgan shareholders have, in other words, divided over 43 1/2 tons of standard gold.
  • They have other aims than simply securing as big a dividend as possible for the eager shareholders of a huge combine.
  • The practical difficulty was how to bring home to persons dealing with the company notice that the liability of the shareholders was limited.
  • There were a goodly number of shareholders in the projected vessel; some among the most substantial men in the vicinity.
  • But shareholders should look at the local traffic of a proposed direct line, on which alone good dividends can be earned.
  • It might be quite true that individual shareholders rather resented his making money out of stuff that they threw away as waste.
  • The shareholders on both sides have lost their money, the engineers have reaped a harvest, and the lawyers have realized a fortune.
  • Such, however, was the case, but a considerable time elapsed before the directors and the shareholders found that out.
  • The West-end tradesmen and the shareholders of the big drapery shops have been chuckling and rubbing their hands.
  • It was also contended by some of the shareholders that the company, as a whole, could not be held responsible for mistakes made by the chairman.
  • He did not wish to hurt the feelings of shareholders ... or of landlords ... any more than he wished to pain burglars.
  • Mr. Brunel then wished to extend the line to this city, but the shareholders would not support him to that extent.
  • The dividends paid to the shareholders reached in 1724 7%, but speculation endangered the work, and indeed led to its ruin.
  • Mr. Windlebird spoke in the bluff, breezy voice which at many a stricken board-meeting had calmed frantic shareholders as if by magic.
  • It would be well for the pockets of shareholders and the reputation of managers, if more of our mine superintendents followed this prudent and sensible course.
  • In order to encourage the adventurers or shareholders to subscribe to the sending of maids, a town was laid off in Virginia to be called Maydstown.
  • The debenture holders were eating up the capital, and the ordinary shareholders were clamouring for a dividend, while the sea threatened to eat up the land.
  • He went a step too far, and was beggared by a lawsuit brought against him by the shareholders of a company he had promoted, and which never paid a dividend.
  • But once that is done, then the worker commune is converted into a traditional company whose shareholders and creditors contain a large fraction of its present and former employers.
  • That is to say, if a man holds a share of preferred stock he will receive interest thereon out of the profits of the business before such profits are given in the form of dividends to shareholders generally.
  • Unfortunately the directors knew him as well, and deemed it advisable to choose some one else; but then of course it was the general body of shareholders who must bear the blame.
  • A petition was drawn up to be presented to the Commons, and the shareholders that were members of that body were requested to give it their strenuous support when it came up for consideration.

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plural of shareholder
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