Sharp And In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sharp And | Sharp And Sentence

  • It was sharp and penetrating.
  • Shadows were sharp and black.
  • Sharp and smoky specialty.
  • His toot is sharp and impatient.
  • You look sharp and dress.
  • The air was sharp and still.
  • Now it became sharp and frosty.
  • The question was sharp and final.
  • The letters were sharp and clear.
  • The orders were sharp and they had to be obeyed.
  • But for the sharp and friendly thorn.
  • Its tone was sharp and unfamiliar.
  • His glance was sharp and startled.
  • The thorns were sharp and cutting.
  • This was refused in sharp and curt terms.
  • They pierce through the tumult sharp and clear!
  • The sword must be sharp and clean.
  • The order came sharp and incisive.
  • Her face was sharp and pale and pinched.
  • The quarrel this time was sharp and brief.
  • Now look sharp and send the money.
  • The flash had been inexorably sharp and clear.
  • The air was sharp and clear as crystal.
  • The carving-knife should be sharp and thin.
  • He favored a sharp and speedy retaliation.
  • The question came sharp and direct.
  • The words rang out sharp and sudden.
  • Then he fell back with a sharp and sudden exclamation.
  • They called him sharp, and this was a compliment.
  • It fired off words with a sharp and clipping utterance.
  • Tastes tangy, sharp and biting.
  • But we learn to look sharp and be spry on shipboard.
  • Aneurism needles, sharp and blunt.
  • Then, the crisis was to be sharp and decisive.
  • The boom of the guns rang out sharp and clear.

How To Use Sharp And In A Sentence?

  • We had carried the fight with sharp and startling effect.
  • Look sharp and fill up the rest of these, do you hear?
  • With a sun-finger, sharp and strong.
  • You say yourself the old man is sharp, and he is.
  • Sharp and incisive came his tones, like some bitter tonic.
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