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  • But a German sharpshooter got the range of him exactly.
  • Yankee sharpshooter had gone right down the muzzle of my gun.
  • The fellow was a sharpshooter and carried his rifle ready for immediate use.

How To Use Sharpshooter In A Sentence?

  • The Kentuckian did not try to turn his head; there was no use giving the sharpshooter an excuse.
  • When a sharpshooter has picked you out and is plugging at you, they are intelligent and vindictive.
  • So the bullets flew high, and although the sharpshooter was comforted by the remarks of the other man, no progress was made.
  • By this time the sharpshooter had finished up the mules on the team ahead, and begun on that of the Deacon.
  • Moreover he lay in a slight dip with the body of the horse in front of him, and it would require an uncommon sharpshooter to reach him with a bullet.
  • I was in constant fear lest some sharpshooter of either party should pick me off, but my luck was better than my hopes, and no bullet pursued me in my flight.
  • There might be some justification for men making targets of one another when some great issue had been raised, but the young sharpshooter was now fully aware that war was no holiday game.

Definition of Sharpshooter

A person trained to shoot precisely with a rifle; a marksman.
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