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How To Use She Keeps In A Sentence?

  • The centurion did not keep his soldiers in better order than she keeps her guests.
  • But in her struggling to land herself somewhere she keeps her interest in herself keenly alive.
  • She keeps it hanging over her bed in such a way that it is the last thing she looks upon at night.
  • She keeps everything very, very neat, even if it is all covered up and never used.
  • She keeps whatever she has done best, close sealed, until it is regarded with reverence.
  • She has a permanent army of nearly 800,000 men, 250,000 of whom she keeps under arms constantly.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For She Keeps | She Keeps Sentence

  • She keeps to the channel!
  • She keeps that distance between them while he stays.
  • She keeps singing in this tune.
  • She keeps herself by spinning and helping at a farm.
  • Oo, the way she keeps on.
  • These valuable relics she keeps framed.
  • She keeps somebody with her every moment.
  • She keeps to herself like a little sick animal.
  • If she keeps it, all her life will be wretched.
  • On the mantel beneath it she keeps fresh flowers always.
  • I know why she keeps on at me: she wants some tea herself.
  • So she keeps up a correspondence with Wenkendorf!
  • Idiot though she is, she keeps watch, and is always about.
  • It's all one s'long as she keeps a dry bilge.
  • She is within sixty yards of us, and she keeps advancing.
  • She keeps me chop, chop, chopping wood night and day.
  • She keeps her seat.
  • I'm not informed as to where she keeps her gewgaws.
  • It is your business now to see that she keeps to her old bargain.
  • Or we can let her drift as long as she keeps near the shore.
  • She keeps on calling and they both stand at the window until the curtain drops.
  • She keeps her name and title and he plays the part of the necessary husband.
  • She keeps her good looks, doesn't she?
  • She helps him sometimes, and sometimes she keeps sober and abuses him.
  • All day she wears it on her finger, and at night she keeps it in her mouth.
  • If only you could see your sitting-room, how spick and span she keeps it!
  • For two or three days she keeps the house closely, reclining much of the time.
  • She keeps on hand a good stock of lint, bandages, and instruments.
  • And simply, on the score of a new hat needed, she keeps it back and haggles!
  • Her face I cannot see, for she keeps for ever behind me.
  • She keeps it to herself, but I don't want her worried.
  • Robert and I have both agreed that what Margaret has she keeps.
  • She keeps ten million serving-men, Who get no rest at all!
  • Mrs. Harris is the worst hostess in the city, but she keeps the best cook.
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