She Turned In A Sentence

How To Use She Turned In A Sentence?

  • She turned in her chair.
  • Finally she turned to speak.
  • But at the door she turned.
  • She turned with a start.
  • She turned out that light.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For She Turned | She Turned Sentence

  • All at once she turned to him.
  • Impulsively she turned to him.
  • Then she turned on him again.
  • Then she turned to me.
  • Impulsively she turned to him.
  • She turned them on me.
  • Finally she turned to him.
  • Instinctively she turned.
  • Then she turned to him again.
  • But she turned on him.
  • Annoyedly she turned.
  • She turned to him again.
  • Then she turned to him again.
  • Then she turned to her companion.
  • Then she turned to the vicar.
  • She turned before she went in.
  • She turned to him quickly.
  • She turned and blazed at him.
  • And she turned the lamp out.
  • She turned and laughed at him.
  • She turned to him with gratitude.
  • She turned to the musicians.
  • Then she turned and glanced at him.
  • She turned on him swiftly.
  • She turned again to the flowers.
  • She turned and smiled down on me.
  • She turned and studied him.
  • Presently she turned towards him.
  • She turned and faced him.
  • She turned restlessly.
  • She turned and looked at him.
  • She turned the weapon over.
  • For this she turned out to be worthless.
  • Then she turned away.
  • She turned away from him.
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She Turned in a sentence

She Turned sentence

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