She Understood In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For She Understood | She Understood Sentence

  • She understood all now.
  • She understood that.
  • Then all at once she understood.
  • But all at once she understood.
  • She understood it now.
  • She understood it now.
  • She understood all that.
  • She understood at once.
  • Suddenly she understood.
  • I knew she understood.
  • Naturally she understood the cause.
  • She understood him too well for that.
  • She understood it all so well now.
  • Of course she understood.
  • He knew that she understood.
  • But what she understood she did not then explain.
  • She understood so much.
  • Surely she understood her own kind!
  • She understood this also.
  • If only she had told her then that she understood!
  • It was a second before she understood.
  • She understood what he meant.
  • Lydia thought she understood.
  • Shirley nodded that she understood.
  • She understood him of course.
  • Julie said to herself that she understood.
  • Such qualities she understood.
  • She understood what had happened.
  • He knew she understood.
  • Karen said that she understood.
  • So well she understood herself!
  • Of course she understood it.
  • Then she thought she understood.
  • Kate believed she understood.
  • She understood his ambition.

How To Use She Understood In A Sentence?

  • She thought she understood now.
  • She thought she understood.
  • She understood exactly what that meant.
  • It was enough now that she understood him enough.
  • She understood now what promise he had made her.
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