She Watched In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For She Watched | She Watched Sentence

  • She watched the struggle.
  • She smiled as she watched me.
  • She watched him going.
  • She watched me thoughtfully.
  • She watched him intently.
  • She watched it eagerly.
  • Silently and warily she watched him.
  • And she watched the door.
  • She watched him as she said this.
  • She watched him closely.
  • She watched him as in a trance.
  • She watched it closely.
  • She watched him in silence.
  • She watched the note departing.
  • But while she watched the rose faded.
  • And she watched him with keen eyes.
  • She watched the beach breathlessly.
  • She watched his every motion.
  • She watched him until the door closed.
  • She watched him with increasing doubt.
  • She watched everything that was going on now.
  • Like one fascinated she watched.
  • She watched the effect of this statement on him.
  • She watched him closely for a week.
  • She watched the moon dropping down and down.
  • In vain she watched for a chance.
  • And how she watched over and waited upon you!
  • She watched him like a lynx.
  • She watched it breathlessly as they neared each other.
  • She watched anxiously for further illumination.
  • She watched it deepen to rose.
  • Steadfastly she watched the passers-by.
  • Fascinated, she watched him.
  • She watched him in silence for some time.
  • She watched the car out of sight.

How To Use She Watched In A Sentence?

  • She watched it drawing near her with wonder.
  • Even as she watched it it dashed upon the rocks.
  • She watched him for one tense moment.
  • She watched for the faintest sound all night.
  • She watched the younger men stealthily.
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