Shea In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Shea | Shea Sentence

  • Shea frowned in perplexity.
  • Shea strode forward.
  • Shea mentioned no names.
  • Shea rose to his feet.
  • Shea looked away from her.
  • Shea flung it blindly.
  • Shea had come and had drunk mescal.
  • Shea turned and shook hands with his friend.
  • Shea rose and gravely shook hands.
  • Shea dropped his pick and joined the others.
  • Shea found himself warming to the cultivated accents.
  • Shea emphatically capitalized these last two words.
  • Shea stared, his heart sinking.
  • Shea this offer came like a thunderbolt from a clear sky.
  • Shea stood rocklike, watching the blast.
  • But this Shea did not know.
  • Thady Shea was badly off.
  • Thady Shea did not respond at once.
  • Thady Shea in the legislature!
  • Thady Shea turned to meet him.
  • Thady Shea motioned to the doorway.
  • Thady Shea had come and gone.
  • Thady Shea smiled slightly.
  • Thady Shea advanced to the doorway.
  • Thady Shea did not know what he wanted to do.
  • Thady Shea rose to his feet.
  • Thady Shea came into town about sunset.
  • Thady Shea drew a deep breath.
  • Thady Shea sat and stared into the fire.
  • The patois was totally unknown to Shea.
  • Even then, Shea hesitated.
  • Thady Shea rose and went to the doorway.
  • Shea already knew that Mackintavers et.
  • Our friend Shea did not steal these things.
  • Thady Shea wakened to an uncomfortable sensation.

How To Use Shea In A Sentence?

  • Thady Shea was glad that he had seen that place.
  • Thady Shea took a step backward.
  • Thady Shea kept a tight mouth on some things.
  • Thady Shea was laboriously plowing the upper flat.
  • Inside, Shea fought for more than his life.
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