Shedding In A Sentence

How To Use Shedding In A Sentence?

  • Practised as he was in guilt, his heart revolted at the idea of shedding his blood.
  • At first he thought all the winged things in the world were shedding their white feathers.
  • But to feel yourself ludicrous at the very instant when you are shedding bitter, bitter tears ...
  • He lived on for a little while, his heart smoldering, his eyes shedding their tears.
  • When he has unfortunately heard of some new fashion, we rarely escape without shedding some blood.
  • About midnight the moon rose behind the trees, shedding her silvery light over the forest.
  • Inextricably mixed and, above it all, the stars shedding their dear, cold light.
  • But the second attempt is put down only after the shedding of much Sangley blood.
  • She also pulled another book out which fell open on the floor, shedding rose-leaves and tinsel.
  • On, the smiles that are halos of heaven Shedding sunshine of love on my face!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Shedding | Shedding Sentence

  • Is there glory in shedding such blood?
  • I could not refrain shedding tears.
  • The same principle was here used for shedding water.
  • Worse than that, shedding is often in progress.
  • Vernantia: the molting or shedding of the skin.
  • Let the people avenge the shedding of such noble blood.
  • At one time he noticed that she was shedding tears.
  • And the poor sergeant stood silently shedding tears.
  • I despise this killing, this shedding of blood.
  • For some time the widow sat shedding silent tears.
  • Eleanor was silent, shedding tears quietly.
  • The history of every nation tells of the shedding of blood.
  • My companions stood up, shedding silent tears.
  • The ladies were shedding tears....
  • Queen Nike was shedding bright glory!
  • In 1952, the shedding of pollen started on April 29.
  • We are continually Shedding our Skin.
  • Sometimes pollen shedding is over before pistils are receptive.
  • Down from the heavens the moon at her full was shedding her splendor.
  • Now he prayed devoutly there might be no useless shedding of blood.
  • The last few yards were made with the boys shedding garments as they ran.
  • Heavy of heart, they continued on in that area, shedding their tears.
  • His family were gathered about him, mourning him, shedding bitter tears.
  • A rush-light burned in an iron stand on the floor, shedding a feeble light.
  • He made no reply; but shedding a flood of tears, went to his afflicted family.
  • Yet it must be so since I have resorted to violence and the shedding of blood.
  • The eyes of Tonio were red, and he seemed to have been shedding tears.
  • I saw many of them shedding tears while I related the sad story of my wrongs.
  • Each year witnessed a fresh massacre, pillage, plunder, and shedding of blood.
  • From dusk till dawn he would stay awake, chanting prayers, shedding his tears.

Definition of Shedding

present participle of shed | The act of shedding, separating, or casting off. | That which is shed, or cast off.
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