Sheep In A Sentence

Definition of Sheep

(chiefly humorous) plural of shoop

How To Use Sheep In A Sentence?

  • It was a flock of sheep congregated on an unsubmerged knoll in the middle of the torrent.
  • These few sheep in the wilderness need a little shepherding when they get sick.
  • Our clothing is supplied by the thousands of sheep we raise and from the cotton we grow here.
  • The engineer was watching with sharp eyes the flock of sheep on the track ahead.
  • The fireman drove the sheep from the track and turned them toward the hillside pasture.
  • All this went on in a strong south wind heavy with dust and the acrid sheep smell.
  • The people on the island are able to raise little but grass to feed their sheep and cattle.
  • One after another the sheep and lambs awoke, and soon they were feeding on the grassy hillside.
  • Every morning the two boys carried the sheep downstairs, and led it to the pasture.
  • As sheep do not stay in the woods, the men had to go miles away and above timber line.
  • He found the path was excessively steep and rugged, little more, indeed, than a sheep track.
  • In the writings of the Ettrick Shepherd, many curious anecdotes of Scottish sheep are given.
  • As for Donald O'Neary, he had cattle and sheep all his days to his heart's content.
  • The check-book and indelible pencil which every sheep and cattleman carries were in the inside pocket of his coat.
  • After the men had brought into camp the elk we killed the other afternoon, they began to plan a sheep hunt.
  • For most of the year it is thought by no means advisable to fold the sheep in the corral at night, so they sleep at large near it.
  • That work was to defend the sheep from the wolves, and one mode of defence was by laying a strange trap for the enemy.
  • I am perfectly sure that there are no other sheep in the whole wide world like those Albemarle sheep.
  • They had poultry in their yards, sheep on the uplands, and scores of cattle in the meadow land alongside the river.
  • In their unity of action, in their interdependence and solidarity, the timid sheep are capable of a momentary suggestion of awe.
  • And close by was the picture of the wind-mill, set on the edge of the down, with the shepherd driving sheep in the foreground.
  • There was talk of that Nogal sheep outfit gettin' in on the lower end of our range.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sheep | Sheep Sentence

  • Every sheep to its like.
  • And the sheep came running for the salt.
  • On came the sheep to the very edge of the swamp.
  • We have immense ranches for raising cows and sheep too.
  • The sheep and goats are also quite diminutive creatures.
  • A story of life on a sheep ranch in Montana.
  • W Marshall; Sheep Creek.
  • Cockburn, Lord, and the sheep at Bonaly, 298.
  • The cattle and sheep are killed and the meat prepared for our use.
  • He might be reconciled to black sheep but never to pink ones.
  • What the new game was called in sheep language no one can tell.
  • Erskine's sheep and the woolsack, 298.
  • Catch that black sheep if you can," she shouted.
  • Soon there would be a sad mother sheep calling in vain for her little lamb.
  • They both hoped to pull wool off dead sheep and make some more money that way.
  • On the western plains great herds of thousands of sheep and cattle are raised.
  • I'd ruther herd sheep than wrangle dudes, anyhow.
  • I had been out with sheep for months and hadn't seen any one but my pardner.

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