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  • He turned a sheepish red.
  • With a sheepish air he let it go, and resumed his barking.
  • Jim Silver looked sheepish and sullen.
  • Dick and Steve exchanged a sheepish grin.
  • And Bo, left alone, is a sheepish maid still.
  • He got down from the sill with a motion at once sheepish and stealthy.
  • He'll be remarkably sheepish for some time to come.
  • He grinned at her in a sheepish way and entered the private office.
  • Jimmie looked sheepish and put us into the train with a red face.
  • David smiled a sheepish smile, looking foolish, and not knowing what to say.
  • He scratched his head and then looked at Butsey, grinning a sheepish grin.
  • Joe stole a sheepish look at Jessie, whose eyes were dancing with amusement.
  • With a satisfied, somewhat sheepish smile, Malone dialed another number.

How To Use Sheepish In A Sentence?

  • Jimmie and the consul looked into their hats with a somewhat sheepish countenance.
  • A moment later he came out and stood looking at them with a singularly sheepish expression.
  • And two more sheepish and hang-dog individuals it would have been difficult to find.
  • Each passed with a sheepish or courteous word of thanks, took his pail and went on.
  • They cast sheepish glances at the two ladies, and the younger had the grace to blush.
  • Usually the crowd would turn sheepish and dissolve at this Terpischorean threat.
  • He was a bashful man, with a long, sheepish nose and the bluest of harmless eyes.
  • That he was afraid of Pharos was shown by the sheepish fashion in which he entered the room.
  • The driver grinned down a sheepish apology and Peter turned to hold the door open.
  • Presently Wilbur came up the rope ladder thrown to him, looking sheepish enough.
  • I felt remarkably sheepish as I rode out upon the course, and heard the observations of the crowd.
  • Elsa sniffed in a manner peculiarly like a sob, and Roger raised his head with a sheepish laugh.
  • Meanwhile, he kicked at the snow, with a sheepish grin, and would not look the Pilot in the eye.
  • When we began to realize the change in ourselves, we were at first rather sheepish and apologetic about it.
  • Those who had begun preparations to build arks looked very sheepish when their friends guyed them about their childish credulity.
  • Every now and then a well-dressed man hurries past into the booking-office and takes his ticket with a sheepish air as if he was pawning his watch.
  • With a sheepish look and their arms dangling, they went home more than ever depressed beneath a feeling of helplessness.
  • Mitch climbed out of the wagon, kind of pale yet, but more sheepish and went in and drank his soda and began to laugh.
  • It was an amazed, bewildered, and sheepish group that faced each other in the light of the electric torch after the departure of the unknown man.
  • Andy gave a happy, sheepish smile and wiggled two fingers weakly, which meant they were to shake hands.
  • He put them up as I had said, and stood there in a sheepish manner with no idea of anything further.
  • Hence Lannigan only looked sheepish and kept his tongue between his teeth until the door closed behind the inspector.
  • Men, sheepish of their smiles but with the small heels overhead clanging like castanets into their spirits, dared to glance up.
  • Appleton felt very sheepish as he met Tommy's dancing eyes and heightened color.
  • I went into the shop, and asked the sheepish young fellow there for one of the cans of petrol I saw against the wall.
  • Then she began to motion to the men; and one of the fellows came toward Bart in a sheepish way and held out a hand.
  • Mr. Titmouse was quite flustered with the mere supposition, and also looked as sheepish as his features would admit of.

Definition of Sheepish

Having the characteristics of a sheep. | Shy, meek, shameful or embarrassed.
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