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  • The craft sheered off.
  • After that they sheered off like wild-cats.
  • The vinta sheered off and collided with another.
  • They sheered past a flat boulder.
  • Kit and Dan sheered off.
  • The trio eventually sheered off, glad to escape uninjured.
  • They sheered off, feeding tamely, to either side.
  • As Fanny sheered off I followed.
  • When it sheered off he watched it until it had faded into the fog.
  • The canoes sheered out of the way and the rafts were unmoored.
  • The cavalry have sheered off, but the infantry are coming, a million strong!
  • She had sheered off from me and tried to pump Jack about the girl.

How To Use Sheered In A Sentence?

  • We had several miles of meadow, and then sheered off to the left up into the timber.
  • But she sheered off, kept her broadside to him, and pounded away like a pugilist.
  • With his head slightly lowered he sheered round corners, strode uphill, and met the blast.
  • Thode sheered the topic away from his late antagonist, and Billie followed his lead.
  • At Lexington Avenue Soane sheered off and, despite the clutch of Freund, went into a saloon.
  • These were sheered off from: so that our course was made up of a series of curves and windings in and out.
  • One of these was chosen as most suited to their purpose, and by means of the ropes a canoe was sheered out to it.
  • The nose of the boat sheered out under the pressure of a heavy cake, so that he came up at the stern.
  • Instinctively she sheered off by the shrubbery paths, which turning and winding at last brought her out upon the front lawn.
  • She had sheered him off the question that afternoon, but he would want to marry her, she felt sure of that.
  • I could have declared on oath that both shots had been a success, but they sheered off with the stately movements of a clipper about to tack.
  • Some other boats had come up after having seen the canoe run down, but when it was found no help was needed, they sheered off again.
  • Murmuring apologies, they sheered off, and with a slow and thoughtful rhythm paddled back the way they had come.
  • He reared, and wheeling, sheered back and down the step he had mounted, and disappeared in a clump of brush.
  • But the man wanted absolutely to get rid of me, and he sheered off, in all haste, to the other side of the street.
  • The canoes, as they approached them, sheered off to a distance of a quarter of a mile, and then gathered together evidently in consultation.
  • The obedient Billie steered as directed, and thus the canoe was slowly sheered off a little from the shore.
  • On the third day she drew so near that Thorn prepared for action, whereupon the brig sheered off, and left them.
  • The schooner sheered off, minding her helm; and, at the same moment, we saw the dim outline of a small vessel almost under the bows.
  • As the tug slid alongside Bob reached out with the hook, and the tug, instead of nestling up to the launch, sheered off.
  • Came down, two canoe loads of 'em, a night or two ago, an' only sheered off when we tumbled one o' them over with a big lump o' coal.
  • He was about to enter, when fortunately he perceived two waiters looking at him over the back screen of the window with a most ironical expression, and he sheered off at once.
  • I sheered away from that topic; chiefly, I think, because I wanted to avoid any suggestion of pumping him.
  • Then, as the stone sheered off, he estimated, did Zimmer (falling still), that its weight was about fifteen hundred pounds.
  • The boat sheered wide out on the river, then shot in, arrow-like, to the pier beneath Waterloo Bridge.

Definition of Sheered

simple past tense and past participle of sheer
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