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  • She came on swiftly, sheering the water with her sharp bow.

How To Use Sheering In A Sentence?

  • Now and then a pigeon flashed by the windows, sheering away high above the sunlit city.
  • Yet, on closer inspection, a number of neatly plugged holes in her sheering sides showed how fierce had been the engagement.
  • The earl separated from him, Gammon regarding him as a gaudy craft sheering off for a while, but doomed to be soon sunk.
  • An aeroplane, sheering too abruptly to make room, tipped at a dangerous angle and a tragedy seemed due within another wink of the eye.
  • The skiff, designed as Sheering had said for short hops, could not accommodate the extra weight and bulk of an airlock.
  • In front lay the same steep gigantic slope, sheering upward to a great height, and along this they were threading, like flies upon a wall.
  • Even while they were thus engaged one and another flock of ducks and geese passed them on their way to warmer climes; of course sheering off as they passed.

Definition of Sheering

present participle of sheer
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