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Definition of Sheik

The leader of an Arab village, family or small tribe. | An Islamic religious cleric; the leader of an Islamic religious order. | (some Arab Gulf countries) An official title for members of the royal family as well as some prominent families.

How To Use Sheik In A Sentence?

  • The sheik was not a good specimen of the effect produced by his way of living.
  • This spirited answer pleased the sheik so well that he could not refrain from laughing.
  • After this he begs for a piece of paper, and the sheik sends one of his slaves for it.
  • The free atmosphere of the desert tolerated no despotism, and the sheik was the servant of all.
  • The sheik vouchsafed no reply, but from across his ample person the general leaned forward.
  • Family life among them is patriarchal, the sheik being priest, judge, and ruler.
  • The revolver was loaded, and the Sheik himself stepped forth and aimed it at Bouchardy.
  • Rick thought that in traditional desert costume he would look like the head sheik of all the desert tribes.
  • The sheik was very grave, and the old man appeared to be speaking words of consolation and of hope to him.
  • An inquiry about distances led to the discovery that this 20 sheik had never heard of the division of time into hours.
  • The old man and his story recurred to their minds, and they expressed their sympathy for the sheik as they looked up at his house.
  • The sheik offered a large sum of money for his return, but they held on to the boy for a still higher bid.
  • Shall the sheik then save his money, and set a less expensive slave free, in the hope to receive his son therefor?
  • After refreshments had been handed around, the sheik gave a sign to the steward, who now stood up amid the deep silence that prevailed in the room.
  • The ninety-nine names or attributes of God are then recited, while the sheik counts the ninety-nine beads of his chaplet.
  • For all those people back there must be in that tribe of the sheik whose house I was in, and they are dangerous, dangerous.
  • A second time the sheik came, repeated the command, and added that if the singing box was heard again, he would slay the buyer.
  • The French batteries threw their sheik upon the ancient citadel with marvellous accuracy, and the fire was heavy and incessant.
  • But the young slave was very much astonished at all this, and asked the sheik whether there was any thing in what he had related that had aroused his displeasure.
  • The sheik was beside himself with joy; he scanned the features of his newly-found son again and again, until he found there the unmistakable picture of his boy as he was before he had lost him.
  • One evening, as the sheik again sat under the palms before his door, in all his pomp, some young men standing in the street looked at him and laughed.
  • When I saw him in his last illness, it was as though I looked upon a gray sheik about to fare forth unawed toward unmapped oases.
  • The town is situated to the right, commanded by the Mountar Hill, so called from the Sheik who is buried there.
  • The young men also feared that their summons to the sheik had been caused by a stratagem on the part of the old man, who very likely would now ruin them by a word to the sorrowing father.
  • In many parts of the country surrounding Sheik el Zvoyed, ruins and heaps of stones are to be met with, telling of places formerly inhabited.
  • They sat together until far into the night; and when the assembly broke up, the sheik presented each one with valuable gifts that they might never forget this day of joy.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sheik | Sheik Sentence

  • The sheik alone did not budge an inch.
  • Really, it is a sin for the sheik to free him!
  • The Sheik scowled and said nothing.
  • Who was sold to the Sheik in Mesopotame.
  • Ali Banu, Sheik of Alessandria, was a singular man.
  • At this the sheik and his daughter exchange significant glances.
  • Here the sheik often sat of an evening smoking his nargileh.
  • And the sheik has only had him three days, and now gives him away?
  • The sheik surveyed the group of handsome young men with an earnest look.
  • As he mentions him, the sheik claps his hands and the guide appears.
  • The sheik was a wise man, and understood how to get along with the enemy.
  • They too received presents, and left the house of the sheik with light hearts.
  • The Sheik was the leader of a clan or town and as such had great power.
  • While the packing was being done I went to take a look round Sheik el Zvoyed.

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