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  • He pressed Sir Arthur's hand, and shepherded him out of the room.

How To Use Shepherded In A Sentence?

  • The men were paraded by companies with their pay books, and shepherded into alphabetical order.
  • He and his parents were all shepherded into separate rooms and grilled at length as a score of officers scoured their home for anything electronic.
  • Threescore young girls came out under the auspices of the society and the Church, carefully shepherded by a clergyman and a stern matron.
  • The two girls left the billiard-room, shepherded by Fletcher, almost before the tumult had subsided.
  • Finally, everybody was shepherded into a faculty conference room; there was a long table, and a shorter one T-wise at one end.
  • He had shepherded his thousands and thousands of boys and girls, and men and women through the mountains into the protection of the British squadron of troops.
  • Their live turkey shepherded up the line with extreme difficulty, suddenly, though perhaps not unjustifiably, died before any one had time to kill it.

Definition of Shepherded

simple past tense and past participle of shepherd
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