Sherry In A Sentence

Definition of Sherry

(uncountable) A fortified wine produced in Jerez de la Frontera in Spain, or a similar wine produced elsewhere. | A variety of sherry. | A glass of sherry.

How To Use Sherry In A Sentence?

  • It is believed that had he been carrying the sherry anywhere else nothing could have saved him.
  • Should the paste seem too stiff, 1 or 2 tablespoons of sherry may be added.
  • The history of sherry dates, in a commercial point of view, from about the year 1720 only.
  • Beefsteak and potatoes, a pot of porter, and a bottle of sherry followed close on his heels.
  • The Sherry was brought, and partly discussed by the time the dinner was spread.
  • Night before last I asked my daughter to replenish a decanter of sherry which had run low.
  • He said that Sherry was being sent back to America to give a series of lectures.
  • Steep these ingredients, for a week or more, in a quart of Madeira or sherry wine, or brandy.
  • In Winter one cup of dried currants may be added, also one tablespoonful of sherry wine, if liked.
  • For if Mr. Gillespie drank sherry now, he would not want his spiced drink later.
  • Jerez a los sevillanos, Sherry for the Sevillians, then, don Rafael.
  • By a supreme effort she recovered herself and drank a glass of sherry which was standing by her side.
  • He swallowed the sherry without further resistance, and a tinge of colour began to return to his face.
  • From which time we relapsed into our previous habit of offering a glass of sherry or madeira, only when politeness suggested it.
  • Pour over it any juice that may have run from the oranges, and if liked a glass or two of sherry may be added.
  • The orphan was so angry at this that, unheeding what he was doing, he drank off nearly a tumblerful of strong sherry at once.
  • Add sugar to your taste, and throw in a glass of sherry to the mixture, with a little grated nutmeg.
  • The produce thus obtained was mixed with the fruit of the more genial soil below, and a very good sherry for common use was the result.
  • Two or three young fellows were in the bar, seemingly sporting yokels, drinking sherry and smoking.
  • There was a decanter half full of sherry on the sideboard in the dining-room; he poured out and drank two glasses in succession.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sherry | Sherry Sentence

  • Drew finished the sherry with appreciation.
  • Another glass of sherry for this gentleman.
  • Then it was that the sandwiches and sherry were ordered.
  • Stir in sherry last to retain its flavor.
  • We even had wine, a half-glass of old darkish sherry each.
  • The Spanish town after which sherry wine is named.
  • If too thick, add a little sherry wine and water, mixed.
  • Waither, take th' sherry wine off th' ice.
  • Port, Sherry and Madeira are decanted.
  • Lord Gaiton, this is sherry by you, I think.
  • Maybe you'd take a taste of sherry before dinner?
  • Jackson did not want the fillip up, but he took the sherry and bitters.
  • While we were at sherry in the library, ale was handed round upon the terrace.
  • Make a dressing with two tablespoonfuls of sherry wine, and sugar to taste.
  • He drank a glass of sherry before he went, and ate a slice of sponge-cake.
  • Is it meant that the sherry called in at only one or two of the Indies?
  • When nearly done, pour in more gravy, and a little sherry wine.
  • I must stop now, because Sherry is clamoring for refreshments.
  • Seton pushed a glass of sherry towards her, but he was looking at Merefleet.
  • Three sorts may be served, such as Sherry or Madeira and Burgundy.

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