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  • An oath is the shibboleth of their sinister fellowship.
  • Familiar shibboleth to the seventh age of little girls!
  • It sounded like the shibboleth of a great leader in a crisis.

How To Use Shibboleth In A Sentence?

  • The chapter on the Shibboleth "Education" is, thinks the Baron, about the best.
  • A civil answer to what in other climes would be considered impertinent curiosity was the unmistakable shibboleth of the coequal fraternity.
  • It was the powerful shibboleth of the world of trade that one must be seen to be doing business; only so could the doors of credit be opened.
  • The moment the majority seized upon it, that great principle became a shibboleth and harbinger of blood and fire, spreading suffering and disaster.
  • And the physical Hakim could by no test or shibboleth be prevented from silently introducing the spiritual Hakim.
  • But people who are not already "in Science" (to use the shibboleth of those who are), ought to be prompted not to get there.

Definition of Shibboleth

A word, especially seen as a test, to distinguish someone as belonging to a particular nation, class, profession etc. | A common or longstanding belief, custom, or catchphrase associated with a particular group, especially one with little current meaning or truth.
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