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  • It just brings out the shiftlessness in everybody.

How To Use Shiftlessness In A Sentence?

  • Such utter shiftlessness as everything about the cluster of tumble-downs betokened he had never imagined.
  • The squalor and shiftlessness which were plainly in evidence about the houses which he saw filled him with disgust and a dreary hopelessness.
  • His mother inherited the shiftlessness and carelessness which is part and parcel of "poor white.
  • They were often lazy and shiftless, but they never deified laziness and shiftlessness or made them into a cult.
  • The only cure for the evils which come from ignorance and shiftlessness is the abolition of ignorance and shiftlessness; and this is slow work.
  • True, it would be much lonelier, but that was far more endurable than the sight of such shiftlessness and ignorance.
  • General shiftlessness and inertia extended also to those branches wherein the Californian was supposed to excel.
  • For, after all, though a woman ought to see that a man's buttons are sewed on, you can't say that mere shiftlessness is a sin.
  • The cleanest and healthiest towns on earth are on the Canal Zone, and the last word in shiftlessness and inefficiency is also here.
  • When she did so, he saw that her fingers were clasped tightly to hold her from shivering, and he raved inwardly at his shiftlessness the while he hurried to light a fire in the stove.

Definition of Shiftlessness

The property of being shiftless.
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