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  • And the truth was in his shifty eyes.
  • Thelma never seemed shifty to me.
  • I never saw such a shifty manner in all my life.
  • Old Jimmie's shifty gaze wavered before Barney's glare.
  • And was this shifty dodging of the real issue the wisest statesmanship?
  • Chance conversations are shifty guides on dates and place-names.
  • His face was harder and more evil-looking and his shifty eyes were everywhere.
  • His countenance is not a good one; it is shifty and deceitful.
  • Eccles faced him unwillingly, with a stolid front but shifty eyes.
  • He looked so shifty when he said it that I had my suspicions at once.
  • He's a shifty chap, and a thorn in his family's side by all accounts.
  • The eyes of Rutherford bored into the cruel little shifty ones of the bad man.
  • The shifty black eyes looked anywhere but into the policeman's face.

How To Use Shifty In A Sentence?

  • But now their reluctance hinted that their determination was built on some very shifty sands.
  • By such shifty phrases he shirked responsibility for the results of his own teaching.
  • My sword seemed everywhere at once, and even the shifty Catesby was pressed back.
  • He was watching Mahr keenly, and fancied he detected a shifty glance at the mention of the name.
  • The men were of the ordinary dock rat type, scraggily built, unshaven, with cunning, shifty eyes.
  • Up in the North there 'tis always unsettled; I fancy we shan't be so shifty down South.
  • The fickleness of men in costume in a manner burlesques their shifty and uncertain taste in literature.
  • Greece, as the result of her shifty and even treacherous attitude, will get very little consideration.
  • He was a shifty eyed low brow that you wouldn't trust alone in a room with a hot quarter.
  • Presently a man with a gnawed yellow mustache and a shifty eye walks out of one of the offices, and perceives our friend.
  • She had innumerable tricks of indication in these shifty pretty ways of hers, and was full of varying speech to the cunning reader of her.
  • Daughters of the wind, but shifty daughters of this wind of the dropping sun, they have to be watched to be loved in their transformations.
  • Their ray-guns were gripped tighter as their shifty eyes darted from his huge bulk to the water ahead, and back.
  • They all have sort of a queer, shifty look about them; and they all shut right up like clams when you ask questions.
  • His face, his shifty eyes, the backward glances, his fear of being followed and tracked down betrayed it.
  • If, on the other hand, he is shifty and cunning, he will encourage all kinds of slimness and questionable proceedings on the part of his clerks.
  • And so the dispensary flourished, and the needy young student grew shifty and callous, and no doubt there were occasional faith-cures.
  • He has such a shifty look, and might have done some great wrong, he has that half-frightened glance as though he feared detection.
  • He went, his lips pouted out petulantly and a shifty look in his eye, and once more the fair postmistress turned upon her victim.
  • He did not fail to observe the furtive, shifty glances that Wade shot out from under his bushy eyebrows in the direction of the couple.
  • Senator Fairclothe was watching him with the shifty eyes of a cornered man who stands on guard, ready to parry a blow.
  • I guess Horrocks, in spite of his shifty black eyes, isn't the man for the business.
  • The man could not keep an ugly little gleam from showing in his shifty gray eye; and Garth stopped abruptly.
  • Well," said he, with a shifty look in his little pig's eyes, "let us talk business.
  • If he's a good man an' shifty on his feet, he'll counter be askin' ye where ye spend th' summer.
  • There was something furtive and shifty about George Lerton, but he never had presumed on his relationship, at least.
  • He is a tall man, with a dark beard, straight dark hair, a sallow face and shifty eyes, and was dressed rather like a dissenting clergyman.

Definition of Shifty

Subject to frequent changes in direction. | (of a person's eyes) Moving from one object to another, not looking directly and steadily at the person with whom one is speaking. | Having the appearance of being dishonest, criminal or unreliable.
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