Shockingly in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Shockingly

1. She was shockingly emaciated. 🔊

2. It was shockingly easy. 🔊

3. They make shockingly bad idols. 🔊

4. It was shockingly late when we got in last night, my dear. 🔊

5. As for you, you flirted shockingly with Mr. Landor. 🔊

6. It's shockingly strong. 🔊

7. You're shockingly careless. 🔊

8. And you're shockingly lazy! 🔊

9. But when he spoke again, his voice was shockingly bright and kind. 🔊

10. It was too tense, too fiendish, too shockingly wicked for that. 🔊

11. In that white face her lips were shockingly red, the color of fresh blood. 🔊

12. How shockingly you do talk, Edgar," cried Mrs. Melwyn. 🔊

How to use Shockingly in Sentences?

1. Her attitude not only amazed him, but struck him as being shockingly unfeminine. 🔊

2. He was, he perceived, much more shockingly inadequate even than he had expected to be. 🔊

3. At this point in my walk I approached a broken gate and a stretch of shockingly muddy road. 🔊

4. There was something shockingly disproportionate in the capacity to spend by city people and those on farms. 🔊

5. The second occasion was very prosaic and shockingly incongruous with the super-mundane colouring of these days. 🔊

6. It was of a livid chalky white, and with something set and rigid about it which was shockingly unnatural. 🔊

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