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How To Use Shocks In A Sentence?

  • The shocks have again diminished both in frequency and violence since the autumn of 1839.
  • Such shocks would make themselves especially felt while the dead centers were being passed.
  • By insulating it, all liability of the user receiving shocks by contact with it is eliminated.
  • It should be so applied as not to give a general chill, as such shocks are always hurtful.
  • She was acquiring truths, but in a series of shocks rather than by the process of analysis.
  • The shocks were continued for upwards of a year, and were at first repeated almost hourly.
  • But there was a shock in store, and as time passed the shocks increased in number and intensity.
  • Slight shocks are usually only local, and are not felt beyond the limits of a few square miles.
  • Still, shocks and bruises were not few, and one gentleman had his thigh broken.
  • Severe earthquake shocks were felt in the region, and finally a new volcano made its appearance.
  • There you have incongruity to a point that shocks an ordinary Christian like a blasphemy.
  • But the Fram had borne shocks like this before, and now again she held her own well.
  • Above the decreasing hum of her car, came the swift, brave shocks of the motor cycle.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Shocks | Shocks Sentence

  • It is this thought that shocks you.
  • It shocks me to see you!
  • I had there one of the shocks of my life.
  • What shocks others in you is just what attracts me.
  • The shocks of earthquake grew louder.
  • Such an idea shocks all common sense.
  • The shocks have done a great deal of damage.
  • But he was fated to suffer many minor shocks that day.
  • That shocks your delicacy: most sensible precautions do.
  • His delight in it shocks my mother, who hates war.
  • Later there were two earthquake shocks in Caucasia.
  • That shocks you, I suppose?
  • The truth is, Hell shocks our moral sense.
  • Vague shocks and noises were transmitted to them through the hull.
  • These shocks were much more dangerous than those in the night of the third.
  • Trinidad has also been visited by several shocks of earthquake.
  • What shocks the virtuous philosopher delights the chameleon poet.
  • More than twenty shocks struck the town in rapid succession.
  • The inequality of power and property shocks republican nerves.
  • At an average forty-five shocks may be counted on in a year.
  • Such shocks are terrible, and enough to deface all correspondence.
  • In the years 1469-1472 several severe shocks had been dealt him.
  • But there were two more swift shocks in store, and no hiding-place.
  • When one shocks them with a sudden noise, they almost fall into convulsions.
  • But, of course, every one has to take a few shocks in this life.
  • He was sixty-five; two shocks had come, and the third would finish him.
  • Not any number of shocks could quite deprive Sue of her common-sense.

Definition of Shocks

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of shock | plural of shock
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