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  • I have seen boiling water shoot up out of the ground.
  • Like the maize, they shoot up in large leaves and stalks.
  • The Spider ain't payin' guns to shoot up his own outfit.
  • The roots were striking down that would shoot up and bear fruit by and by.
  • We'll lead the opening of this ball or shoot up the ranch.
  • Here, sir, is a letter that came to me the day I helped shoot up the cafe.

How To Use Shoot Up In A Sentence?

  • In a few weeks more these will shoot up like a spy-glass pulled out to its focus.
  • An infernal fountain seemed to shoot up in the midst of the mass of men in gray.
  • It is a vine of sufficient size to shoot up fifteen or twenty feet from the root without support.
  • They'd drink a while and holler a while, and then they'd shoot up a few bottles and glasses.
  • Then he would trot softly back, shoot up the water pipe once more, and so to bed.
  • Then he would trot softly back, shoot up the water-pipe once more, and so to bed.
  • When our own French airmen come then these airplanes shoot up into the sky and give battle.
  • He held his breath and stuck to his hat, being under the impression that the whole affair would shoot up into the air like a rocket.
  • A band of outlaws rushed the native police in their barracks at this post one night, and such as they did not shoot up they ran into the brush.
  • These suddenly shoot up in the night, steady and clear, and remain for several minutes burning brightly before they go out.
  • Suddenly as we looked at her we saw a dense black cloud of smoke shoot up from her, which hung like a monstrous tree upon the sky line.
  • With no railroads near to shoot up sparks, no thunder-storms to flash lightning, and no campers to be careless with their fires, what did cause it?
  • On one of these occasions, I was surprised by a person in civil dress, who seemed to shoot up out of the ground.
  • Somewhere in the room was another switch connected with the iron lamp, and Aldous felt a curious chill shoot up his spine.
  • Thus avarice is said to shoot up in ancient soil, and thus, I myself bud forth in history at fifty-six.
  • He gave a little start as he felt a sudden sinking; the sides of the shaft seemed to shoot up all round him, wet, shining, and black.
  • Curious optical effects are sometimes observed a little after sunset in the form of streamers or bands of light that shoot up into the sky, sometimes to a great height.
  • As you shoot up the first half mile the ground beneath you seems to drop away into a deepening bowl, while the horizon sweeps up like a loosened spring.
  • These giants, so they say, have periods where they shoot up to such an extent that they grow and grow beyond the tree-tops and disappear altogether from human ken.
  • After a while scattered rays suddenly shoot up from the fiery mist, almost reaching to the zenith; then more; they play over the belt in a wild chase from east to west.

Definition of Shoot Up

Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see shoot,‎ up. | (intransitive) To grow taller rapidly. | (transitive) To fire many bullets at.
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