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  • Here and there there was a shortage of supply.
  • But what was far more serious was the shortage of brodium.
  • There is no longer any question of shortage of munitions.
  • A shortage is always extremely serious.
  • There is a serious shortage of the latter craft.
  • There appears to be a shortage of ice in Hull.
  • Sadly, however, there is a shortage of game...
  • A much graver one that we may now write about was the shortage of zinc.
  • The salt shortage continued despite other random attempts to alleviate it.
  • The shortage made us realize how dependent we have become upon sugar.
  • With meat as with wheat, the great shortage is due to lack of ships.
  • She's doing splendidly, shortage of brodium notwithstanding.
  • Your ship is a good idea, Jason, you'll have no shortage of volunteers.

How To Use Shortage In A Sentence?

  • Consequently we are within sight of a shortage of wood as we are of coal and oil.
  • Alongside this shortage has come an increased demand for meat for the great armies.
  • It is this apparent plenty that makes it so difficult for many to visualize the shortage abroad.
  • But during the war, on account of the shortage of sugar, it came again into use.
  • The price has had to be kept down, for in a time of shortage prices always tend to go up.
  • I had enough oil, plenty of water; the only possible danger was a shortage of provisions.
  • There is probably a new food shortage on Dara now, leading to pure desperation.
  • Meat shortage is not a problem by itself, but is closely connected with the shortage of available grain.
  • During the shortage of labor, these corporations found it impossible to keep their systems in repair.
  • The shortage has compelled vigorous control of consumption in order to make the distribution as nearly fair as possible.
  • The shortage of officers is getting very serious on both sides, and it becomes more and more a question of who can wear out the other in the time.
  • In the face of a serious shortage they are making every effort to get to the children as much milk as can be produced or imported.
  • I remember a time when a shortage occurred; we had to have three dollars, and we had to have it before the close of the day.
  • While there is a world shortage of cooks, the earth is stuffed with lady typists far beyond repletion.
  • It is likely that there was a shortage not only of outstanding medical men during these years, but also of medical assistance in general.
  • For a long time there has been a ready market at high prices and it is rapidly reaching the point where we shall face an actual shortage of timber.
  • You all know that in some way, owing to the carelessness of some one, there is an unexplained shortage of thirty-three dollars in our mess-fund.
  • We had noticed that, in addition to its dustiness, Madrid was suffering from a dreadful shortage of water.
  • Food shortage and high prices churned proletariat Germany into growing discontent, as the war proceeded.
  • They said that the patients were comfortable and well looked after, in spite of the great shortage of medical supplies in Germany.
  • This food shortage is, of course, a cause as well as a consequence of the economic collapse of Germany.
  • This was a real desert camel, with little hair, a sad expression and a hump which through long shortage of fodder hung flaccidly to one side.
  • During the War, in a period of shortage of acetic acid and of high prices, this agent was used with success on some estates.
  • There is a shortage of the animal fats, lard, butter, and oleomargarine for the same reasons, of course, that cause the meat shortage.
  • But before tieing up any considerable sum in merchantable trees he should consider the cost and safety of supplementing any shortage of natural supply by artificial seeding.
  • Even during December, 1917, when there was a severe shortage in the East, the price remained stable.
  • And lastly we see that there is yet time to prevent serious shortage in most directions if we set about a general system of good management and thrift.

Definition of Shortage

A lack or deficiency; an insufficient amount.
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