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  • It will be far shorter than you suspect.
  • And shorter working hours.
  • It was shorter this time, though.
  • Antennae four-jointed, shorter than the head.
  • The breath of the child became shorter and harder drawn.
  • Lateral ossifications shorter than median ossification 12 12.
  • First, a man is shorter when he is walking than when at rest.
  • They are shorter too, in proportion to their weight than the speckled trout.
  • Then Gunnlaug brought the song; it was a shorter lay, and well done.
  • The blossoming period is generally shorter in the North than in the South.
  • The pirate chief was perhaps half an inch shorter than Jack Templeton.
  • Robert Browning's Principal Shorter Poems.

How To Use Shorter In A Sentence?

  • Some additions have been made which were precluded by the shorter form of the magazine story.
  • Then the shorter piece of reed was artificially hollowed to fit on the longer piece.
  • There is his shorter and preferred method, and his longer and more roundabout method.
  • He then married, and in a much shorter probation found that he did not like that.
  • His wife was seated beside him calmly smoking a shorter pipe with obvious enjoyment.
  • On each side of her stood her ladies in a long row, each one a head shorter than the next.
  • He stated this in plain language, and outlined his plan for shorter hours and closer application.
  • The agricultural colleges also offer shorter courses of college grade, perhaps of two years.
  • In addition there are six shorter stories, in which the girls will be as deeply interested as the boys.
  • The long voyage by sea is now generally preferred to a long journey by land and the shorter one by sea.
  • Thekla made for my open window; it was rather a shorter passage into the house than round by the door.
  • Three months is considered an average period of training, but a shorter time is sanctioned in special cases.
  • The duration of the time occupied is the same in traversing a longer as in traversing a shorter space, as is the case of the swinging pendulum.
  • A pound weight is easily lifted, but when applied to the shorter end of the steel-yard it will balance a hundredweight.
  • It embraced the five chapters already alluded to, together with a general introduction and four shorter chapters.
  • His line of march was shorter than that of the outlaws, and besides, they had not planned to leave the cabin before midnight.
  • You can wear it so for a longer or shorter time, just as you think is best to make the punishment effectual in curing you of the fault.
  • But there is also something exciting in such speculations and the road to the Villa seemed to me shorter than ever before.
  • All currents above this critical amount will operate the arrester; the larger the current, the shorter the time of operating.
  • And the last may be either a maker of long speeches, or of shorter speeches which compel the person conversing to contradict himself.
  • And if so, might not the slumberer, after a longer or shorter interval of wakefulness, fall asleep again?
  • He is smaller than the panther, about three feet and a half in length, his tail is much shorter and black at the extremity.
  • Burke was addicted to generalizing, but his was a shorter line; as his thoughts have less depth, they have less compass.
  • He had taken a shorter route home, and when Irene entered he was sitting quietly by his own fireside.
  • He closed his eyes; his breath came shorter and shorter, and he soon passed away, without speaking again.
  • We were the ones who gave the road, riding now before, now behind the indistinct bulk of a herd, according as we judged the shorter way.
  • Size smaller; skull shorter and narrower; mandible shorter and shallower; baculum shorter; paler.
  • Size smaller; skull shorter and narrower; mandible shorter and shallower; baculum shorter; slightly paler.

Definition of Shorter

comparative form of short: more short. | (colloquial) A short, a short seller: one who engages in short selling.
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