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  • And there were no shorts that day.
  • We had biscuits made out of shorts and sorghum.
  • Dey give mother sorghum and shorts to make gingersnaps.
  • But as Mack saw him get into his jersey and shorts he began to wonder a bit.
  • By then I was already in my shorts watching a movie on TV with my cousins.
  • These were the shorts who had been punished the day before by Bob's uplift.

How To Use Shorts In A Sentence?

  • One feed should consist of a moist mash composed of one part shorts and two parts corn meal.
  • He was given a locker, a towel, a pair of athletic shorts and a first-aid kit.
  • Such a mash will consist of 2 parts shorts and 1 part corn meal, ground oats or ground barley.
  • The greater the number of the too longs or the too shorts the greater his complacence in the contemplation of his labours.
  • There were a good many shorts in the trap, but there were also four good-sized lobsters, and the lobsterman seemed well pleased.
  • The price reaches 144, but nothing daunted, the clique still buy in order to force the shorts to cover; yet on up it goes.
  • We will, hereafter, charge each milch cow $30, and will also charge each hog fattened on the place $1 for shorts and middlings consumed.

Definition of Shorts

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of short | Trousers worn primarily in the warm weather that do not go lower than the knees. | Underwear bottoms.
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