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  • But we already know this was a shortsighted error.
  • Such thinking, of course, is as shortsighted as it is inconsistent.

How To Use Shortsighted In A Sentence?

  • Father, we are shortsighted and weak, and hence cannot do our best work without Thine aid.
  • As a result there were many white people so shortsighted that they would starve their own children rather than feed the negro.
  • Just as with us, the former are now dubbed shortsighted and simple-minded, while the latter are regarded as the true prophets.
  • If he is blind or shortsighted I regret it, but my neck isn't going to help him.
  • They simply pity them, that they were so shortsighted as not to accept German gold for right of passage through the country.
  • The shortsighted man may say (or if he is an impressionist, boast) that he sees the moon as a silver blur.
  • But he is very shortsighted who thinks that the main forces Christianizing Japan are wielded by the foreign missionary.
  • The forest reserves should be set apart forever for the use and benefit of our people as a whole and not sacrificed to the shortsighted greed of a few.

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