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  • Renouard leaned his shoulders against it.
  • He shrugged his shoulders tolerantly.
  • He shrugged his shoulders philosophically.
  • She shrugged her shoulders slightly.
  • He shrugged his shoulders and turned away.
  • Banfi shrugged his shoulders and stroked his beard.
  • Cornelius threw back his shoulders and stiffened.
  • Gray shrugged his shoulders and walked to the door.
  • The twisted shoulders shrugged with an odd grace.
  • She gave her shoulders a little shake of relief.
  • His hands clenched, his shoulders straightened themselves.
  • He takes the pap-bowl, and she shoulders the gun.
  • Burckhardt watched the slumped shoulders disappear in the crowd.
  • He shrugged his shoulders and plodded up the steep path by her side.
  • Philippa shrugged her shoulders and made a determined move towards the bell.
  • Their long black hair falls over their shoulders and partly hides their faces.
  • The Englishman shrugged his shoulders with an air of contempt.
  • They take great care of us here," and she shrugged her shoulders gracefully.
  • The policeman's shoulders stiffened, and he put one foot on the keg.

How To Use Shoulders In A Sentence?

  • Here the shoulders of ladies at a party are as open to criticism as the ankles of a stage dancer.
  • Somebody else probably got broken shoulders before your nimble progenitor took possession.
  • His hands rested upon her shoulders very lightly, yet they seemed like some enveloping chain.
  • We warned him he would get callosities on his shoulders and elbows because of the tight fit of his command.
  • Dressed in costly silks with long flowing trains, her hair was not allowed to hang loosely over her shoulders any more.
  • Feet and legs were bare, and over their shoulders hung a shaggy cloak, with a three-cornered capuch to it.
  • He looked crushed as he stood with bowed head and drooping shoulders as if his proud, untrammelled spirit had been suddenly broken.
  • Snow shrugged his shoulders and gazed bleakly at the smooth surface of the lagoon, where tiny wavelets danced in the afternoon sun.
  • Philippa shrugged her shoulders and appealed almost feverishly to Helen, who had just entered the room.
  • The wallet containing the money fell from the shoulders of the dead man as he did so, and opened, showing the gold and notes.
  • Her neck and shoulders are covered by a heavy, watered silk dress, fastened by a row of diamond buttons.
  • Jacobsen shrugged his shoulders in calm acquiescence to fate, and Griffiths stepped to the companionway and went below.
  • And thereat he broke into a wild outpour of incoherence that did not cease until Grief seized him by the shoulders and shook him into silence.
  • His dark, chestnut brown locks lie in spiral rolls upon his forehead, and flow down over both shoulders in rich crisp curls.
  • Just as she was about to enter the shop, a well-knit figure with square shoulders and springy step, swinging down the street, caught her eye.
  • The new-comer was tall and gaunt and thin; her shoulders sloped, she stooped, her chin was up in the air, and she peered through spectacles.
  • She responded with a disdainful movement of her shoulders which might have been a shrug if she had had French instead of Irish blood in her veins.
  • And from under the scarf which my enemy wore about her arms and shoulders she seemed, I thought, to project her hand rather timidly.
  • Apafi shrugged his shoulders and began to draw on his boots; but he was so dazed all the while, that almost an hour elapsed before he was half dressed.
  • The long white hand fell caressingly on the shoulders of old Powhatan Plummer, and the two men passed out of the door together.
  • He was thinking of the buckskin and how jaded it had looked that morning and wondering if its already stiffened shoulders would get over it if he pulled off its shoes and turned it into a soft pasture.

Definition of Shoulders

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of shoulder | plural of shoulder | (anatomy) The two shoulders and the upper portion of the back.
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