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  • I fairly shouted at her.
  • She shouted more encouragement than he.
  • Gray almost shouted the words.
  • Grief shouted to his guest between immersions.
  • Jonah ran forward and shouted for a doctor.
  • Under it a human voice shouted something confidently.
  • They shouted like men drunk with victory!
  • Mr Oliphant shouted for help.
  • I shouted until I was hoarse, but no one came.
  • Captain Warfield shouted to Grief when he came on deck.
  • Villagers and boatmen waved and shouted to him as he passed.
  • Don had not been seen for some time, and they both shouted to him.
  • Carlsen shouted from aft, where the mainsail was being winged out.
  • Fire!" shouted Turner.
  • Hold your fire!" shouted Lawrence.
  • All the time something shouted within me: "I am a man!
  • Then he shouted up the tree, "Halloo, old witch!
  • Then: "Muhammad Anim comes!" shouted a voice from a crag top.
  • Let 'er buck!" shouted the crowd.
  • Do you know what I am going to do with you?" shouted Jennison.

How To Use Shouted In A Sentence?

  • Then the people shouted until they were hoarse, and welcomed him as a great hero.
  • The anger of the people was coming to a boil and some men shouted as loud as they could at him.
  • Yells and loud whistles rose clamant in the air, and his own name was shouted to and fro.
  • Men shouted up to them from the street, and kept pace with them, coming nearer.
  • A conductor shouted for fares, with the light of the public-house lamps on his open mouth.
  • A raging devil of combat seemed to possess him, and he shouted for war, and more war.
  • I shouted for help; some of the neighbours had seen us running, and now came to my relief.
  • And thereon shouted they their war-cry, & then the battle began for the second time.
  • Josh, in the crowd, shouted and beckoned her, pointing and tapping his bare shoulder.
  • Orion shouted to him, and this saved his life, for the Doctor recognized his voice.
  • A native hakim, given the stoutest lungs in all India, would not have shouted in that way.
  • Then he shouted for the Orakzai Pathan, who came striding in, all grins and swagger.
  • My ancistor couldn't have shouted louder when he had the Earl Strongbow's spear stuck in him.
  • Courtenay shouted something to the sentry outside the door and he called another man who fitted a key in the lock.
  • Your desire for death was not real, for even at that moment you cried out loudly and shouted for help.
  • Canby slipped the loop under his arm and, as he took his feet from the stirrups, shouted for them to tighten up.
  • It was filled with hydrogen gas, and as it gradually took form before their eyes, the people shouted with excitement and eagerness.
  • The boy shouted again, and in response there came back, strangely flattened, the shrill cry of a woman.
  • I shouted for help, and we worked away with our picks like mad; and by the help of crows we managed to heave off the stone.
  • Yasmini shouted in his ear; for the din, mingling with the river's voice, made a volcano chord.

Definition of Shouted

simple past tense and past participle of shout
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