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  • Into this box the gravel was shovelled by one miner.
  • The funeral was over; the dead shovelled away.
  • At least I shovelled food into my famished stomach.
  • Then he shovelled in the earth with his hands and tamped it down with a rock.
  • Efrem shovelled up the oats into a bag and dragged it off home.
  • To him a spade was a spade only as long as it shovelled earth.
  • Some of the men shovelled away the snow from the outside of the windows.
  • The tides went forth and back and shovelled and levelled at the sea-bottom.
  • For economy's sake the cows' dung was shovelled down to them.
  • Quickly the earth was shovelled in, and soon two mounds showed on the sward.
  • Anyhow we've shovelled him away in Boonara.
  • They was mud to be shovelled an' dhrays to be dhruv an' beats to be walked.
  • My trunk was literally shovelled out down the gangway, and I followed.
  • He disappeared as Le Beau's last shot shovelled up the snow at his heels.

How To Use Shovelled In A Sentence?

  • The earth dug out of the pit should then be shovelled back over the burning mass.
  • They shovelled the earth into a heap against the wall and uncovered four cannons.
  • He went up and connected the crusher and shovelled a few barrows of ore into the hopper.
  • The chalk is shovelled up and the walls are kept straight without line or plummet.
  • Asked us to go in and look, and shovelled up the yellow corn in one of the sacks.
  • She was built like an old shoe, and shovelled in a head-sea as though it was her business.
  • Then he shovelled the earth back upon it, stamping it in with his feet, and so refilled the hole.
  • They swept up much, they shovelled up more, There never was such a snow-man before!
  • And even if he did and shovelled it into an opera, he'd make it seem absolutely meaningless.
  • The dead-head climbed up on the tank and shovelled the coal down into the pit, that was now nearly empty.
  • In this case, the furnaces will have a cavity in the floor, into which the small scrap material is shovelled or tipped.
  • If this is lacking, the roof must be well tramped after rain by bare feet, and in all cases the snow must be shovelled off.
  • The poor fellow put his head on the kitchen table and sobbed as he told her how he sank lower and lower, till finally he shovelled snow.
  • Many beautiful stones, not in small quantities, but in cart-loads, can be shovelled up wherever the water has left them on the shore.
  • John Tatham shovelled his papers into his portfolio, and shut it up with a snap of embarrassment, a sort of confession of weakness.
  • In the eatable line, coarse brown sugar-candy seemed to abound, which the purchasers shovelled into bags or sacks, and carried off in quantities.
  • Europe in the end of 1900 had gone mad over our industrial combinations and had shovelled her millions into this market for the use of our promoters.
  • Orren ordered more criminals to be killed and a dozen more men fell and were thrown into the freight cars as if they were piles of excrement being shovelled into a pit.
  • The editor seems to have become gradually helpless before the mass of material that heaped itself about him, and to have shovelled from sheer despair of selection.
  • Harry had dug because he said it might make her grow, and then he suddenly shovelled down a heap of earth and stamped it down so that she could not move.
  • How odd it looked, to see those great heaps of snow which had been shovelled from the sidewalk and piled up in banks before the houses, between the curbstone and the driveway.
  • Into the moulds formed by the boxes the earth is shovelled in layers of 4 or 5 in., and then rammed until thoroughly solid before another layer is put in.
  • So he shovelled coal with a hearty good-will, and seized every opportunity for riding on the locomotive, and carefully watched the movements of the men who managed it.
  • One man held a coarse screen of willow branches which he shook continuously above an ordinary cooking pot, while his partner slowly shovelled earth over this impromptu sieve.
  • Then the remainder of the intervening sand can be shovelled away, and the mass, now resting directly upon the sledge, can be dragged away by a team of cattle.
  • I pawned my watch and sextant, and shovelled coal one spell, and finally got a billet in the New Hebrides on a screw of eight pounds a month.

Definition of Shovelled

simple past tense and past participle of shovel
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