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How To Use Shovels In A Sentence?

  • Barrows and shovels were immediately stacked and the men lined up for their noonday meal.
  • Godfrey fashioning wooden shovels from some planks he found among the drift-wood.
  • The bent figures of half naked men with shovels were forced out of the shadows.
  • The two men who were working in the yard lay down their rakes and shovels and came up.
  • The dust that whirled about the shovels blackened and choked him, but he worked on savagely.
  • At about midnight the two thieves took spades and shovels and began digging round the plant.
  • White worked his men in two shifts, and kept his shovels at work day and night.
  • Power shovels began grunting and clanking and rumbling; dust rose in a thick column.
  • Her papa furnished pokers and shovels for the schools, and her papa would call on the Board.
  • Seize ye your tools; your spades, your shovels ply; The work laid down, accomplish instantly!
  • All answered in the affirmative and picks and shovels were plied with even more activity than before.
  • Probably they would have to drop shovels at the last moment and run an unequal foot race for their lives.
  • They had shovels in their hands and were struggling with the turf at the foot of the big linden tree beside the house.
  • Well, if we get down there we shall have to take our shovels and clear the snow off some of the narrow ledges.
  • Through the night, with shovels and green boughs they had attacked the conflagration's outposts.
  • Here and there, leaning against the walls, were picks and shovels and other tools used in excavating.
  • The clink of the shovels no longer rose from beyond the sombre trees, and there was deep stillness in the hollow.
  • The neighbors and all hands got their shovels and picks and crowbars, and were working to set the children free.
  • Then the grating of the shovels was distinguished, and pound by pound the weight was removed until nothing save the timber held him down.
  • The old furnaceman, sweating from the operation of clinkering, shovels in the coal and disposes it with the ravel.
  • Plainly all this was not the result of accident; the hands of men had been busy here; and picks and shovels had supplemented the work of nature.
  • The landlord and his servants set out immediately with shovels and pickaxes, and followed the dog, which ran quickly before them.
  • They're droppin' their shovels and runnin' for the house like a lot of scared sheep.
  • Many men with shovels and pick-axes dug out the foundation, and numbers of horses and wagons were needed to carry out the earth.
  • We had occasionally been obliged to use the shovels to level off the ground, and the axes to remove a stump, or a small tree.
  • You work 'by the ton,' you own your pickaxes and shovels from handle to blade, and you have the right to do with them as you please.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Shovels | Shovels Sentence

  • Got those shovels yet?
  • The shovels of succeeding years!
  • With our trusty shovels we make a raid.
  • Luckily we have two shovels and two axes.
  • If you like, we will go for the shovels and dig him out.
  • Here, out with shovels and pecks, lads.
  • The others followed with cords, shovels and pick-axes.
  • They were going to toss the shovels and drills down to the seamen.
  • It was agreed that the whites should use the two shovels by turns.
  • Under his supervision the manufacture of shovels grew into giant proportions.
  • He commanded shovels and picks to be lowered to the queen and the princess.
  • The gigantic mouths of the steam shovels gnawed at the rock and the clay.
  • If ye've any shovels lyin' loose, stow 'em away.
  • Listen, then: Take crowbars and shovels and go to the castle.

Definition of Shovels

plural of shovel
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