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  • This show is cleaned out.
  • Come and see if that show is in the village.
  • Outside show is a poor substitute for inner worth.
  • No show is complete without a quick curtain at the end.
  • Well, the show is over, and we may come down.
  • You leave for my place in Croatia when the show is over.
  • The show is over.
  • The show is ready.
  • The show is ended.
  • The preparation of geese for the show is comparatively a simple matter.
  • Shortly after this they are parted by anxious friends, and the show is over.
  • You wait till the show is over, and they let the horses in for exercise.
  • The use of a pen that makes ink show is the seasonable way to show pleasure.
  • Until I can do that, the Chelsea Flower Show is no place for us.
  • Then the Riverside Drive proposition and Burgess's show is off, eh?
  • Show is very passable, no doubt;
  • My show is tumbling to pieces,' he said. '

How To Use Show Is In A Sentence?

  • What we wish to show is simply that soil and locality do not influence all communities alike.
  • The list is full of wreckage; what it does not show is the immense progress made in a few years.
  • But what they do show is the rise in Babylonia of a religion for the individual.
  • As soon as the show is ended, the canvas men set to work to take down and fold up the tents.
  • This, as we have shown, and will continue to show, is the usual savage doctrine.
  • Here, the mineral maps show, is by far the greatest natural gas region in the United States.
  • The feature of the entire antediluvian show is the liberal allowance of material devoted to destruction.
  • That it is so often made a means of empty show is not the fault of the piano, it is due to a tendency of the day that calls for superficial glamor.
  • What these oft-quoted lines go to show is, that a falsity in verse will travel faster and endure longer than a falsity in prose.
  • Indeed, the only sign of emotion she does show is a soft slow blush, that, mounting quickly, tips even her little ears with pink.
  • All I mean to show, is, that though he may have been as execrable as we are told he was, we have little or no reason to believe so.
  • About all I got to show is a couple of punch distributors that's more or less educated, and a block that's set on some solid.
  • Good wholesome out-of-door exercise is not to be mentioned in the same breath with a hot theater where a picture show is a makeshift for something better.
  • What these general theoretical propositions regarding the idea of the vicious circle do show, is that this idea is in itself an attempt at a complete theory of distribution.
  • But you can see for yourself how this show is run, and that there's plenty of everything and no stint, and what's warm and snug and comfy for one is for two.
  • For outward show is a wonderful perverter of the reason, and when thou art most sure that thou art employed about things worth thy pains, it is then that it cheats thee most.
  • Tell them that I take it as no proof of their love; that I will have none of that halting faith which limps up with a great cry after the show is over.
  • While equally false, as I have tried to show, is the too spiritual view of marriage that love can be found only in perfect harmony of character between the wife and the husband, and is independent of duty.
  • The wage paid to the big piecer in England, Dr Hasbach goes on to show, is not much greater than that received by a good assistant in Germany.
  • If any show is made at the window, it is with paltry articles of cooking, earthen and hardware: there is, however, a tolerable display of bear-skins, seal-skins, foxes-tails, and buffalo-robes.
  • The light of promise that may glow Where life shines fair in bud or bloom, Ere fruit hath ripen'd forth to show, Is quench'd in gloom.
  • Now, I do not decline because I mind talking to an audience, but because (1) travelling alone is so heart-breakingly dreary, and (2) shouldering the whole show is such cheer-killing responsibility.
  • When a cinematograph show is the entertainment provided, it takes place in the dining-room or library, or perhaps in the housekeeper's room, if large enough for the purpose.
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