Showing A In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Showing A | Showing A Sentence

  • The morning was just showing a grey streak in the east.
  • Rose, showing a little white foot.
  • I like to see people showing a little proper pride.
  • Thanks for showing a fresh-arrived greenhorn around...
  • Adele smiled, showing a row of even white teeth.
  • Showing a Fuller at work with the implements of his trade.
  • Roy, completely exhausted, was already showing a fever.
  • And he held it up showing a hole neatly drilled just above the ankle.
  • The war is showing a vision of our need and of the goal of our effort.
  • I could not help showing a little pride at the success of my scheme.
  • Without showing a light, we went into every room in the house.
  • And you're showing a good quality, old chap.
  • The top may be covered in any suitable way, showing a roof effect.
  • Gil Huntley was showing a marked tendency to repeat himself.
  • Make a piece of tapestry showing a scene from the history of the Normans.
  • Well?" he said, showing a guilty inclination to flinch.
  • It seemed to Dick that every fellow was showing a strangely commercial spirit.
  • I lit a cigar, and as I did a policeman jumped me for showing a light.
  • The Kentucky, showing a faint tinge of blue, flowed with a soft murmur.
  • Lady Eva, showing a trace of surprise, stared icily at the man and passed on.

How To Use Showing A In A Sentence?

  • The candle was still showing a faint glimmer of light as he passed into the street.
  • Draw a half-lemon in a position showing a foreshortened circle of pleasing proportions.
  • He came in showing a torpid face lighted now by a speciously amiable expression.
  • Boy stopped and lowered his head but his expression showing a determined refusal to cry.
  • Tonto busied himself about the cave, showing a tact and understanding that was rare in any man.
  • They just stood there quietly, their mouths agape and their expressions showing a dumbfoundedness.
  • Avoid birds showing a lack of length of body or depth of keel or which are too flat in breast.
  • Great posters appeared all over the country, showing a soldier and a workman clasping hands.
  • Then she stole forth from her hiding place, showing a battered face to her friends.
  • Diagram showing a cross between a white eyed male and a red eyed female of the fruit fly.
  • I saw your pony at the stable, and that you had bound up his leg, showing a sprain.
  • These increases were confined to the warm months, the cold months actually showing a decrease.
  • He had rolled his sleeves up to the elbow, showing a thin forearm with wire-like muscles.
  • Sulkowski guessed that she was angry with him for showing a lewd picture to the King.
  • He held up his safety-lamp, already showing a marked blue cap of gas over the flame.
  • In another place, the author recommends a light stock, as showing a nimble trade.
  • He opened his hands, showing a piece of white paper about a foot long and perhaps half as wide.
  • Descending to the main shop, he discovered Raymond showing a visitor round the machines.
  • The Major caught his breath, then sat upright his square chin showing a little grim.
  • The long ears on one side, the long legs on the other, hung limply, showing a fresh kill.

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