Shrank In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Shrank | Shrank Sentence

  • Betty shrank from him.
  • Leslie shrank away from him.
  • Hertha shrank within herself.
  • She shrank a little from him.
  • He shrank from it now as he thought of it.
  • Instinctively he shrank from touching them.
  • He shrank from being misunderstood.
  • She shrank further into the corner.
  • Vita shrank at the tone.
  • I shrank from seeing him just then.
  • Mary shrank back from her.
  • Suddenly she shrank away from him.
  • Mathon laughed as they shrank from him.
  • But she shrank from speaking all the same.
  • Esther shrank perceptibly.
  • The girl shrank before her.
  • Vivian shrank away from them all.
  • They shrank through the door.
  • She shrank away from him.
  • He shrank at the thought.
  • Schuabe shrank into his chair.
  • Instinctively she shrank from his embrace.
  • He shrank from thinking.
  • Eversleigh shrank from the thing.
  • She shrank at the sight of him.
  • He knew them and shrank from them.
  • From which they shrank afraid.
  • He shrank from nothing.
  • She shrank from him until she pressed against the tiller.
  • But he shrank from offering any caress.
  • She shrank back trembling.
  • He shrank at the sound of his own name.
  • Fledra shrank back as if he had struck her.
  • The girl shrank back.
  • Otoyo shrank back in amazement.

How To Use Shrank In A Sentence?

  • Annie shrank back in her corner.
  • Dosia shrank back into the shadow.
  • Yet she shrank from taking the step.
  • Then she shrank away from him in terror.
  • That he shrank away weeping?

Definition of Shrank

simple past tense of shrink | (US, Pennsylvania Dutch English) A large highly decorative German/Dutch-style piece of furniture, which combines aspects of a clothing wardrobe, curio, and cabinet.

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